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Albion Prelude Plot guide

Jonferco Under Attack!

Before you can start the next part of the plot you will need to carry back on with Aiding the war effort. You will need to make a few kills in the war sectors. After just a few kills commander Aron Derik will contact you and tell you that Jonferco Headquarters is under attack! He wants you to dash over there and defend the Headquarters in Belt of Aguilar. You can get there in your time - the mission wont start without you.

Once you reach Belt of Aguilar, head towards to the Headquarters... however 60 seconds later your see an large explosion:

Byebye Jonferco Headquarters

Jonferco Headquarters is no more. Don't worry you havnt messed anything up - this is supposed to happen. Now you need to clean-out the sector of all hostile ships including 3 Terran orbital laser towers. You will notice there is a timer on the orbital laser towers - after this time they will start attacking you. If like me you cleared the rest of the sector before taking them on, then you got a hard fight (especially if your using the Centaur from earlier and no help). These towers do a lot of damage when in range! So you will need to single each one out.

One tip: If you got Concussion Impulse Generator's - use them to push a single tower away. The continuous hits from the CIG will knock the tower around and stop it from hitting you. CIG's will also push the tower back - allowing you to separate the 3 and slowly destroy each tower. CIG's also have a very useful range too - keeping the towers out-of-range.

You now need to head back to Argon Sector M148 for the next part.

Protecting the Heavy load transporter

Once you get back to Argon Sector M148, the commander will tell you that Jonferco forces were ordered to protect the Albion sectors. However in their weaken state they need your help. So you will need to help out by protecting a Heavy Load Transporter in Nathan's Voyage. So when you are ready head-on over there. You will need to get within 8km the TS ship to undock. Once so, you will need to escort the ship back to Argon Sector M148. If like me, and the TS ship got destroyed the mission will fail but shortly after you be given the next mission quest to do (reguardless).

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