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Albion Defenceless

Your next quest is to protect the Jonferco Research Station in Albion Beta. Pirates in the area have been taking advantage of the weaken state of Jonferco forces. So now you need clear the area of all pirates. Albion Beta is west of Albion Gamma (the place where you did the eavesdrop mission). On your way (by the west trans-orbit accelerator) you will see the construction of the new highway system (if you missed it before).

The mission is fairly simple as you need to destroy like 3-4 M3's. I found that most of them bailed too - maybe I had my scary face on? Just seemed like a high bail chance to me, nevermind.

The Beryll

Anyway... once the patrol mission is done you will be asked to deploy 3 laser-towers around another research station in Albion Alpha (west from Albion Beta). I personally didn't find any laser-towers near Albion, so I had to search around. In the end I found 3 but it took some looking around (over in Cloud Base North West).

Once you have 3 laser-towers, head over to Beryll research station and eject all 3 laser-towers from your cargo-bay. You should then be contacted by Leea Kaswin, who thanks you for your help and asks if you could gather some resources for them. The research station requires the following things:
It's a bit of odd mix, however you need to gather the resources and dock at the station to deliver them. You shouldn't really have a problem collecting the computer components and the IRE's - as both are found in large numbers normally, however the Microchips could a bit harder. Heck, there is even an computer components factory in Albion Beta - which may have enough computer components for you already.

After delivering all the goods, you will thanked once again and ask if you could help out once again by delivering a Xenon ship - a Xenon L. However these ships cannot be brought from any shipyard, so the only way to get one is by claiming an abandon L. Xenon ships do also seem to have a low bail rate - or they did for me. During my play-through I have only seen 2 or 3 x L bail on me: must of the time just before my guns destroy it. There is nothing you can do but keep looking around, taking Xenon patrol missions and hope a Xenon bails from its L. A higher fight rate may help with the bail rate... but I am not 100% sure on that. Hopefully you should get your L soon, and when you do dock it at the Beryll research station. You can not be in the ship yourself, as you must deliver it to the research station.

After the Xenon L docks, you will get a message to select which ship to turn in for the quest. Select the L and Leea Kaswin will once again thank-you for the ship. She will give you 3 x #deca.cefa (M3) for your troubles. The commander will also contact you, asking if you can patrol the highway construction areas, as Pirates have once again been spotted.

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