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Albion Prelude Plot guide

Plutarch Rising

Your next assignment is to fly to a certain position in Albion Beta, so you can view the construction of the highway system. This will be marked on your HUD as position, so fly over there. You should notice a bunch of M3's near the away-point. These will turn into pirate ships when you get close enough:

The Pirate M3's

However for me these ships didn't even attack, it seems the Pirates are okay with me - maybe they were scared of my M7? Anyway, after the patrol mission you hear an message buzz off from Plutarch command, where shortly after you be ordered back to Argon sector M148 once again.

Trial by Fire

Once again we ordered to aid the war efforts in the war sectors. So when ready head over there and make a few kills.


After a few short kills you be ordered to return back to the military base in Argon Sector M148 for your next task entitled: Uncovered. So head there and let the commander explain your next task. The commander explains that they had a tip-off claiming this person knows how the Terran's have been getting access to Jonferco Technology. They have agreed to meet you in neutral location - Harmony of Perpetuity (its north of Elysium Of Light - An goner sector). So get over there and meet this person.

Getting to Harmony of Perpetuity

Once there your be told to protect the Argon Task Force Cerberus. Shortly after you will be contacted by Falos Disanos Hunas I (the director of Economic Development at Plutarch Mining Corporation or PMC for short) who tells you it is the CEO Landon (from Plutarch) who has been leaking information to the Terran's for money. Landon also told the Terran's that it was Jonferco who constructed the Terraformer fleet that attacked their territory, forcing the Terran's to attack Jonferco and weaken them. Landon isn't finished yet because he has hired a mercenary fleet to finish off the Jonferco research station (the last major station of Jonferco).

So your task is to get there and to stop this mercenary fleet from destroying the Jonferco research station.
So head on over to Albion Beta (travel to Albion Gamma, then head west).

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