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Albion Pride

This mission is simple - protect the Jonferco research station. So head towards to the research station, when you get close enough a few Pirate ships will spawn. The spawn size will vary depending on your fight rank however you probably wont find this much of an challenge to be honest.

I brought all my fleet (M7 with hanger of 8 x M3 escorts) as I was expecting a big battle. However just one Carrack and 5 x M3 turned up - not much of a challenge for me (your spawn-group maybe a lot weaker):

The attack on Jonferco research station

After the battle is finished you are thanked by Commander Aron Derik for all of your help. For your efforts you are given 1 unique ship - the Aamon Prototype. This ship is like most normal M3+'s with one twist: it can use Electro-Magnetic Plasma Cannon's (Terran weapons). It's also fairly speedy too (at 180m/s). This could be an ideal drone ship (a ship used on your carriers to attack/protect them). However you will need the player headquarters to reserve-engineer and build multiables. For now it might be worth keeping it safe somewhere until then:


Well... thats all folks! This is the end of the Albion Prelude Plot! Congratulations on the completion of the plot. When youre ready it, you can start either the HUB plot or the Headquarters plot for another two mini-plots. I guess the plot does end rather quickly - its an shame there wasnt any big ending battles too. However the plot does give you some really nice ships.


Here is a quick breakdown of the rewards you will gain through the plot:

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