Jump Beacons

What is a Jump Beacon?
A Jump Beacon is a small satellite randomly found through-out the X3AP universe. This small satellite allows any ship with a jump-drive to jump to the location of the satellite without the use of gate.

This is what a Jump Beacon looks like:

Where are they found?
Jump Beacons are randomly placed during each new game, so there is no way to list their location. You basically need to find them yourself, as they can appear in any sector, at any location.

What happens if the beacon gets destroyed?
It will respawn after a set amount of time. I accidentally smacked into one at The Moon, but after a short time it was back.

Can I buy a Jump Beacon?
No, however there is a way to own them. Rapid Response craft do sometimes carry 1, so if you destroy it (or board it) then you might find one dropping - although the odds are very low. Please note that Rapid Response craft can jump away when their shields are low.

If I do get one, will it work?
Yes, just deploy it and you can use it like any other jump beacon.

Can I sell one, if I find one?
Not directly, but you could place on a craft and get half its value when you sell the ship with it.