Complex Tips

Finding a good sector
When building a complex always spend a little time scanning the asteroids in the sector. The amount of silicon you find can/will limit the size of your complex as this ware is required to power the rest of the complex. Unlike the other stations, if your silicon mines can't keep up with demand then you will have to rely on ships (which can be slow and erratic). Ore is often required too, but not usually in such demand.

Never use M sized mines
There is simply no point using M sized mines, as these will produce fewer minerals. L sized mines only cost a little more and will be more useful in the long-run. You cannot change or upgrade M sized mines neither, so you will be stuck with it!

Weed/Booze complex placement
If you are planning on building a weed and/or booze complex then watch where you place the complex. If there are police ships, they will start attacking stations containing the illegal wares. These types of complexes are best in Unknown sectors.

Get your own TL when you can
Hiring a TL is fine; however when you start making large complexes then having your own TL makes it a lot easier. The main reason is that hired TL's won't use a jumpdrive, but your own can. This makes it much faster to access to any shipyard.

-1 price
Usually the best way to get your wares to sell is by setting the price 1 less than the default price. This makes your wares cheaper than trading docks, so NPC ships will come to you to buy (even to just make 1 credit, per unit).

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