X3AP picture Albion Prelude is the next game in the X series, which is aimed to bring you up-to date with the latest happenings in the X-Universe, before egosoft releases their next big release X-Rebirth. Albion Prelude should give you some idea of what is going to happen and acts as a bridge to a new story line found in Rebirth.

Albion Prelude features a new plot line, new ships, a stock exchange, updates to the user interface, head tracking (you can use your head to move the camera around) and new options to increase graphic quality.

Albion Prelude currently available on Steam either as a free download (for superbox members), included as part of the Terran War pack or as separate download (however you must have X3TC for this). Albion Prelude will also be released on a disc in Q1 2012.


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