What's new

Below is a list of things which have either changed or been added in Albion Prelude (over X3TC).

A new story
A year ago in the X-Universe, Saya Kho (for unknown reasons) attacked and destroyed Earth's - Earth Torus (a large mega- structure surround Earth). This has plunged the Argons and Terran's into bitter war. Albion Prelude you will get to see these big skirmishes between Argons and Terran's. Full story here.

New plot
On For Argon start there is a new plot to do. The new plot acts as a bridge between X3TC and X-Rebirth, explaining at-least a few of the changes that will follow in X-Rebirth such as the start of highways.

New ships
There are a new of new ships in Albion Prelude ranging from large destroyers to trade ships (just under 30).

Increased hulls on ships
In a welcomed change of events, every ship features stronger hulls (some up-to 10 times!). This means some ships last much longer after the shields are down - as in X3TC when the shields were gone the ship was history moments later.

Universe changes
Due to war and time, the X-Universe has seen a few changes. Many of the older surrounding unknown sectors have been claimed by the neighbouring race. A few more sectors have popped up and some have been lost around Family Njy. Avarice has finally been claimed by the Teladi, and Aldrin is now accessible without having to complete an plot.

GUI changes
There have been a few changes to the graphical interface (GUI). The first being an increased usage area - meaning the sector maps are much easier to read, and list are longer. In X3TC the GUI could become very small when viewed in high resolutions. The next addition to the GUI is the ability to display graphs and charts of various things.