The story

A few years ago back in the X-Universe, a race of people called the Argon set out to find what had happen to their distance lost relations. Rumours suggested these relations came from a planet named Earth, who travelled to Argon Prime in a ship called the A.P. Gunner many centuries ago. The ship was under-attack by a large fleet of Xenon ships, however the captain Nathan R. Gunne managed to trick the Xenon fleet away from Earth. After doing so, he destroyed the jump-gate trapping him, his crew and the Xenon fleet on this side of the universe. This basically saved Earth.

Tricking the Xenon Fleet

The Argon military dismissed these rumours. After some-time a small group of people joined together to tell others about the rumours. This lead to the Argon military forcing out this group of people. However they found new homes and set about calling themselves as the Goners. They even built a temple in honor of the rumours:

The Goner Temple

It was found that indeed the Argon were descendants from Earth. A jump-gate back to Earth was discovered and then repaired. After many centuries the lost descendants from Earth could finally return home to Earth. Government officials from both sides were sent and official relations began. For the most part it worked and the two race coexisted peacefully.

At the time, the people from Earth were building a large mega-structure that surround the whole of the planet,
called Earth Torus:

Earth Torus

One year ago in the X-Universe, Saya Kho (for yet unknown reasons) boarded the Earth Torus and set about placing explosives around the huge station. Moments later... knowing what would happen... she set off a chain of explosives that would lead to the destruction of Earth Torus:

Saya Kho before the destruction of Earth Torus

The massive explosion ripped the Earth Torus into pieces. It was unknown if the station was being built still or finished. However this explosion would cause the complete destruction of Earth Torus, turning the station into huge floating pile of scrap. The explosion itself was so big that it could be seen by people standing on the Earth - this was indeed a sad day for the Terran people:

Earth Torus over Earth

Once the Terran's found out who did this, they declared war with the Argon's. The Terran's sent wave after wave of ships to attack the Argon's. It is still unknown why Saya kho did this or how one person could do so much damage... It is possible that Saya Kho even survived (maybe she beamed away?)?

Whatever the case, the destruction of Earth Torus has meant that peace is no more. Which side will you choose?