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Closing thoughts

So we have finally completed the Farnhams Legacy Plot and have now have access to the whole X3FL universe. Things should feel much freer now. I must say a big thanks to all the guys who developed and tested the new game. You can tell a lot of time went into the design and development of the game.

Random picture of a Paranid TS

My only negative for Farnhams Legacy is that the universe is rather locked down until you complete the plot. This means that buying/selling ships, equipment or wares can be tricky, as you are stuck in a small part of the universe. The use of Trans-orbital Accelerators also means that you cant really use jump-drives either (in that area), making big ships much slower to use.

Once you have completed the plot, there is no other plot to complete (as of July 2021) apart from the Terran plot (but that is a difference start altogether). Maybe something which could added in the future?

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