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Terran Plot guide

Starting the plot

After exploring the universe for awhile, completing the Farnhams Legacy Plot and finding a few discoveries; you will able to start the Terran plot. To begin the plot will need to talk to the Explorers Guild about ask them for a 250,000 Special discovery reward;

Unlocking the Terran plot

If you have got the correct one, you will be asked to talk to female Argon called Delilah Shiratori (on near-by Trading station, random location).

Some strange sensor data

When ready head-over there and talk to her. She will explain that they have picked up some strange sensor data;
There are an unusual number of ships traversing the Brennan's Triumph system. They are not targeting the gates or stations, but are instead flying towards the system's border.

That's strange. Do you think they are hiding something there? -You

Our suspicions of a secret base remain unconfirmed so far. Attempts to follow the ships have simply resulted in failure when, after a while, their travel speed increased to seemingly impossible levels. Long range scans registered high-energy bursts, shortly after the ships vanished.

I presume you want me to look into it? -You

Yes. Given your contributions to us in the past, we were hoping that you could use your excellent exploration skills to try and discover what's happening there.

I guess I can't really say no after that flattery. I'll look into it. -You

After the conversion you will need to fly towards Brennan's Triumph alpha. Once in the sector you will spot an Terran Baldric. You will need to follow the ship to see where it is going. Shortly after following the ship, a small cut-scene will play and the ship will disappear. You wonder where the ship has gone, and figured it went through a jump-gate. Your LFL will spool-up and pick-up an signal, so use it to locate the gate.

When you are close enough, you should find that you have find another Hyperspeed Access Point, use 3x Relay Beacon to triangulate the signal.

After placing the beacons, you will hear: Alert. Ship systems malfunctioning. System check initiated. You will find that your Interplanetary Drive System has just broke (great eh?). So you will need to talk to Delilah Shiratori to tell her of the Hyperspeed Access Point and why has my Interplanetary Drive System broken?

Dude, wheres my LFL?
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