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Dude, wheres my LFL?

Now return to Delilah Shiratori and tell her about the recent events. She will ask if you followed the ship through the Access point, but you tell her you couldnt because your LFL broke. She says she will get someone to look at, but for now she wants you to build a Trans-Orbital Accelerator instead. For this you will need to provide some materials and have at-least neutral relations with the Argon authorities.

Deliver and protect

You will find a Argon Mammoth will spawn (named Heavy Load Transporter) in Cloudbase South East. It will travel towards Brennan's Triumph alpha. The TL may get attacked (every 5-10 minutes - if OOS), so be mindful. If the ship gets destroyed another will be sent, but you will need to restart your ware collection from the beginning. You will need to deliver the following wares to the ship; The strength of the attackers will depend on your combat rank; so higher your rank the more powerful the Pirate ships will be. It may be a good idea to send a few ships to protect TL depending on your combat rank. The TL does move quite quick too, so this could make it hard to escort with larger ships. I also found a Pirate Brigantine in Brennan's Triumph gamma - which I had to remove / captured.

Unlocking the Terran plot

I would suggest loading up a TS with all wares then taking to the TL to unload it (in one go). Once you have delivered all the goods, you will get a thank-you and told to contact Delilah Shiratori onboard the TL. The Accelerator is built and a Terran capital ship (Terran Tokyo) is near-by.

Anyway, Delilah Shiratori explains that she isnt actually an Argon but is a Terran spy; working for the Terran High Command. This is the reason why she wasn't worried about the Terran warhead showing up. The Terran government want to secure a stable route out-of Sol, as they been cut-off by the recent events of the gates. Her task was to oversee the installation of a Trans-Orbital Accelerator, allowing the Terran High Command to establish an secure foothold. After-which defences can be placed, and the system could be claimed in the name of the Terran government. However the Terrans are unsure how the Argon authorities will react.

So at this point you have a decision;
Before making a decision I would highly suggest saving (press Escape to quit the conversion - if required). That way you can select one option, get the first achievement, reload and select the other option and get the second achievement (without having to play both stories).

Pick a side
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