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Terran Plot guide

The battle/defeat at Brennan's Triumph alpha

After a short amount of time you will get a message from Scot Mikal, which reads as follows;
Hello <player.name>. Our fleet is moving to attack the Terran forces. If you want to participate, now is the time to join them. I would love to come along myself, but I have been tasked with overseeing operations from here. Good luck, and don't get yourself killed! It's not like that system is worth it. Oh, I guess I wasn't supposed to say that out loud.
When ready, head towards Brennan's Triumph alpha. I would suggest do not bring any ships - there is a good reason!

The Terran fleet at Brennan's Triumph alpha

The battle is rigged to be a failure (the Kyoto from the past is still invincible). So the Terran's will always win - there is no Argon win scenario coded into the mission. So any ships you bring will be lost in vain (hence I say dont bring any). I would instead suggest heading to a quiet part of the sector and use SETA to pass the time, and let all the friendly capital ships get destroyed. Once done you will get the following message;
Hello pilot. You have fought bravely, but the Terran forces are too strong. They seem to have an unlimited supply of ships, and we can't afford a prolonged conflict. We appreciate your efforts, and wish you good luck for the future. For now it's probably best to stay away from the Terrans. Hopefully they will just stay where they are.
hmm.. You have fought bravely - more like hid, but anyway im not wasting ships on this defeat!... Soon afterward you will get another message, saying the following;
Hello pilot. Following our strategic retreat, we came to the conclusion that we are unable to muster sufficient forces to face the Terrans head on. We appreciate your efforts and acknowledge that you fought honourably. As a token of our gratitude, you may keep the captured Terran ship. You have earned it. We have interrogated the Terran Agent. It seems that they are only trying to establish a stable connection, to make up for the one that they lost in Heretic's End. They are not planning on an all-out invasion of Commonwealth Space. Still, we will keep a close eye on things in Brennan's Triumph. Despite the system being in a state of anarchy, it is close enough to pose a threat. The Community of Planets is in your debt, and will endeavour to repay you in the future. Until then, fly safe.
What a big let-down for a mission!! The battle can not be won, you get one M6 for your troubles (not much of a prize if you lost ships thinking you helped out) and suddenly the plot ends. The invincible Kyoto is now not invincible any-more (so you can take-out your frustration now). I guess you get an achievement for completing the plot, but to add insult to injury the same achievement and ship are unlocked by aiding the Terran instead! I guess you get access to Terran space?!

Closing thoughts
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