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X3TC » Way of the Gun - DiD (TC 3.2)

I've already posted this over on the egosoft boards, but I thought I'd post it up here as well. Since this is my first blog here I'm hoping there'll be a few people wanting to read it Smile

Way of the Gun

Prelude: Tequila

Ain't nothin' like it ya know? Drinking after a hit I mean. I get paid to erase some dudes and then get to drink till dawn's sweet light spills through the curtains. At least, that's usually how it goes. Today?

Not so much.

I got a call from one o' my contacts in Aladna Hill, a weasely little frakbag named Neol 'Ferret' Jerrigan. He reckons he's got the stones to play with the big boys, but every time I speak with him I ... Read more

Posted by Kirlack on Thursday 28th February, 2013   ·   Comment 6 comments   ·  

X3TC » x3tc player

Hi I been playing x3 for about 7 months or so. Very addicting,but I am trying to cap a Hyperion vanguard with out success so far.I do want to cap some ships but I got so many u traders that I do want to lose them. Been using the heavy dragon as my personnel ship. First time I played used the x shuttle then I reloaded and used the skate prototype. Now I used the blast-claw pro type wow awesome ship, then switched to the dragoon then to the heavy dragon better ship
I have restarted several times, each time learning more from the last. hope to start with the poisoned paranoid start next time doing the terrian plot in a Hyperion might be fun. please feel free to make suggestion etc thanks ... Read more

Posted by Scott on Sunday 5th August, 2012   ·   Comment 13 comments   ·  

X3TC » A weekend later

Well I decided to be rid of the save in hopes of one that may bear sweeter fruit. I opted to go with the Poisoned Paranid start. If you haven't played this start before, there is an initial mission to obtain 25,000,000 Credits in 3 hours in the hopes of regaining you belongings as a holy one. Refusing to sell certain obtainable ships (because it is almost impossible to find other copies of several of them), I decided that capping, war missions, and mining was the way to go. Two in game days later, (8 hours IRL) I had finally acquired to necessary money to cure myself of the wretched disease that had afflicted me. Returning as close as was still possible to the Holy Paranid Theocracy, I retrieved my blessed Hyperion Vanguard and ... Read more

Posted by Sha1hulud on Tuesday 5th June, 2012   ·   Comment 1 comments   ·  

X3TC » Blogging away

Greetings and salutations,

This will be my first ever blog, thus it will likely be wrought with errors. I have owned the X3 games for about 15 months now, yet I've not honestly had the patience to really get into a single save before now. I recently played relatively far into X3AP, getting the HQ and Xenon Hub before becoming disgusted by my ineptly built system of trade, and decided to give X3:TC a try after almost a year long hiatus.

I've now played for about 3 hours real time, yet I've managed to die at least twice that number. I started out with the Terran character. I tried to complete the main quest with out any additional help; that failed resoundingly after I died twice attempting to scan the pirate base. ... Read more

Posted by Sha1hulud on Friday 1st June, 2012   ·   Comment 1 comments   ·  

X3TC » Vanilla madness

Since discovering a flaw in X3TC, ive gone a little nuts making PPC's, then putting them on Orca's for sale. Money is no longer a problem:

Blog picture

The worse bit is that my game is still unmodified - I guess because the flaw is in X3TC then technically its not cheating, nor modding the game: as basically the game has a flaw. If you want to see the flaw, check here.

Oh, btw im going to kill everyone in the X-Universe when my armada gets big enough. I already have 8 Borea's getting ready Evil ... Read more

Posted by Roguey on Monday 22nd August, 2011   ·   Comment 0 comments   ·  

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