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Written by Deadbeat_Spinn, Last update May 31st, 2010,

Other Buying/Training Locations, written by Deadbeat_Spinn

There are a few other places in the universe where the player can purchase and/or train Marines/Mercenaries. For the main races (Commonwealth/Terran) the following list is for Marine Training Barracks which only sell boarding troops. For the outlaws (Pirate/Yaki) the following list is for Pirate Bases first (sell & train) then Mercenary Fabs second (sell only). Keep in mind Pirate owned stations are subject to destruction often and where the station respawns is random (a respawned Pirate base may or may not sell and train Marines/Mercenaries). The Pirate Base listings are only accurate at the very start of the game and will respawn in a different sector. So no posts saying "I'm X amount of game hours/days in and I can't find the Pirate Base in sector X, where is it?".

Other locations


  • Home Of Light,


  • None, the Boron have no Marine Training Barracks,


  • Pontifex' Seclusion,


  • Ghinn's Escape,


  • Ceo's Sprite,


  • None, the Terran's have no Marine Training Barracks,


  • Pirate Base
    • Aquisition Repostitory,
    • Brennen's Triumph,
    • Bright Profit,
    • Hatikvah's Faith,
    • Spring Of Belief,
    • Unknown Sector (East of PTNI HQ),
    • Veil Of Delusion,
    • Vestibule Of Creation,

  • Mercenary Fabs
    • Danna's Chance,
    • LooManckStrat's Legacy,
    • Mi Ton's Refuge,
    • Unknown Sector (East of PTNI HQ),
    • Veil of Delusion,
    • Vestibule Of Creation,


  • None, the Yaki have no Bases nor Mercenary Fabs,


  • TP or M6, ships have to be bought second hand by the player and any boarding troop/s that come with said ship are likely covered by part of the ship cost,

Sidenote I: Marine Training Barracks are also known to be removed by the universe by GoD, unless the player has a ship docked at a given MTB. Having a ship at a given station will not make it immune to destruction by hostile forces.

Sidenote II: In regard to the purchase of second hand TP's/M6's the best chances of buying one with troops on board are where the ship cost is overpriced/ridiculous (i.e. more than the ship in question would cost from a shipyard).

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