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Written by Deadbeat_Spinn, Last update May 31st, 2010,

Where To Buy/Train Boarding Troops, written by Deadbeat_Spinn

Tools of the Trade

This section is for what you, the player, will be required to own in order to be able to buy Marines/Mercenaries. After a Marine/Mercenary has been purchased if no ship is present at the station in question when a given Marine/Mercenary has been finished being trained (any stage), they will wait for a pick up from one of the ships listed below.

1. A ship capable of carrying Marines/Mercenaries.
  • M1, M2, M6/Heavy M6, M7/M7M, TP/TM/TL,
  • Keep in mind this is for what ships can carry boarding troops, not which ships can conduct boarding operations,

2. A Cargo Lifesupport System (CLS) which can be found at (TP's come equipped with a CLS upon purchase),
  • Pirate Bases,
  • Anarchy Ports,
  • Teladi Trading Stations (certain stations),
  • Boron Trading Station (only one),
  • Terran/Aldrin facilites (certain stations),
  • Royal Boron Research Station,
  • Duke's Haven (HQ),
  • Strong Arms HQ,

A full list of the sector names where the Cargo Lifesupport System can be found at this link.

3. A Bioscanner which is entirely optional but a useful device to have when it comes to buying Marines/Mercenaries. It allows the player to see a overall rating (in stars, usually 0 or 1 star) of a given Marine/Mercenary prior to purchase. The Bioscanner cannot see individual stars (if any are present) for any of the four skill levels. Bioscanners can be purchased at,
  • Jonferco HQ (Belt Of Aguilar),
  • TerraCorp HQ (Home Of Light),
  • That's it, only two places in the whole X-Universe sell this particular piece of ship software/equipment,

Replenishment of Troops

Once a player begins the purchasing of Marines/Mercenaries the available slots that open up will begin to be refilled by new troops over time (minutes to hours, it's random as far as I can tell). And since the bulk boarding troops that a player will buy are junk/cannonfodder, it always pays to check up on the selling locations from time to time and some times it can pay off very well (though a high payout is rare). Like the original group of boarding troops that can be purchased at a given location, new troops are subject to the same randomization factor in terms what experience/skills they will receive when they appear.

PDF Version

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