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The Missions

The missions that are offered by the representative of a given Corporation are randomly chosen from a select pool. The missions given are the same as any mission that you find offered any NPC station in the universe except you gain rep with a given Corporation rather than a given Commonwealth race. Corporation representatives do not give Build, Scan, Xenon Invasion, Patrol, or Return/Abandon/Stolen Ship missions.

  • Sidenote I: The very first mission offered by each Corporation is permanent until said mission has been completed. Any missions undertaken by the player after the first mission will become random.
  • Sidenote II: Information on rank/rep gain and loss will be located in Section IV.

First missions of each Corporation are as follows:
  • Atreus HQ: Assassination
  • Duke's Haven (HQ): Assassination
  • Jonferco HQ: Transport Passenger (TP required)
  • NMMC HQ: Deliver Quantum Tubes *
  • OTAS HQ: Escort Convoy *
  • Plutarch HQ: Deliver Energy Cells *
  • Strong Arms HQ: Assassination
  • TerraCorp HQ: Escort Convoy *

Some of these first missions will be a one time mission offered by the Corporations and will not be requested again in subsequent missions. Also the higher your Fight rank, the bigger the ship the target will be in, and upon the destruction of the ship the rank/rep loss will be massive (i.e. going from the top rank of a race to the absolute rock bottom rank).

(*): Indicates mission is offered only as a First Mission.


You will be required to kill a target. What ship your target is in depends on your Fight rank and to a lesser degree what ship you are in. If you wish to minimize the rep loss, kill the target and target only, avoid killing the escorts. Also, if you don't want your Fight rank to climb have an A.I. controlled ship that you own land the killing shot. The only ways to fail this sort of mission is if the time limit runs out, you die, or the target is killed by an NPC (i.e. Argon Military Cerberus).
  • Mission Successful: Target is eliminated,
  • Mission Failure: Time expires/NPC kills target/Player dies,

Defend/Protect Station

You will be required to defend/protect a given station from hostile forces. The number, type/class of ships, and race of hostiles that attack, like an Assassination mission, depend on your Fight rank and what ship you are in. Unlike an Assassination mission however, all hostiles must be killed for the mission to be completed and there is no time limit. These types of missions can be completed by the player, an A.I. controlled ship that you own, or by the NPC. An NPC can kill all the hostiles and you will still receive a "Mission Completed". The only ways to fail this sort of mission is if the station is destroyed or if you die.
  • Mission Successful: All hostile forces eliminated
  • Mission Failure: Station is destroyed/Player dies,
  • Sidenote: It must be noted when you accept this sort of mission from Duke's Haven (HQ), the ships will be of Pirate origin which will affect your Pirate Rep and your relation to Duke's, should you or an AI ship that you own do the killing.


You will be required to follow a ship to it's destination, there is no time limit. What ship the target is in is entirely random but will never be in an TM/M6/M7/M7M/TL/M2/M1, AFAIK. For the journey never get closer than 10km or further than 17-18km from the target or the target will become hostile (if too close) or vanish (if too far away). When the target passes a certain gate (1 to 3 gates from destination, depending on length of journey) hostiles will jump in and attack the player. If you have heavy enough shielding you can ignore them, you can kill them but make sure the ship you're following doesn't get out of range, or hope the hostiles run into an opposing force that kill them. Follow missions also have the tendancy to be broken every now and again, a simple way to tell if the mission is broken is to view the info on the target ship once you are in range (about 15km or so). If the ship has no destination then the mission is bust and cannot be completed.
  • Mission Successful: Target makes it to destination,
  • Mission Failure: Target becomes hostile/Target disappears/Player dies,
  • Sidenote: If the player wishes to avoid encountering hostile forces during this sort of mission you need only do the following step. IIRC enemy ships will come out of the gate once the player is roughly 10km from said gate. So rather than follow the target through the gate, once the target goes through, wait for a brief period of time to pass, then use the Jumpdrive. This will have to be done with each gate (1-3 sectors from destination, which one the hostiles will first appear tends to vary) in order to avoid such encounters. It is also recommended that you save just after the target goes through the gate. Jump too late and you lose the target. Jump too early and you risk being too close to the target. Keep in mind when deciding how much to needs to pass before jumping that the Jumpdrive has to power up (roughly 10 seconds).


You will be required to take a passenger to their destination. You will need a ship that has an M sized cargo bay and a Cargo Lifesupport System, a Jumpdrive is also recommended. You will have a time limit to get the person to the given station. You have to pick up the passenger and take them to the given HQ or station. Also sometimes you will be required to use a TP to do the mission. If the mission has luxury or passenger transport in the message then it requires a TP to be used.
  • Mission Successful: Passenger is delivered to their requested station,
  • Mission Failure: Time limit expires/Passenger not delivered/Player dies ,
  • Sidenote I: Transportation missions, if aborted or failed can break the Corporation missions and you will not be able to continue. Full information on this can be found in Section IV.
  • Sidenote II: It is also possible for the person needing transportation to appear on a ship. Once you locate the ship and get within range of said ship, the passenger will transport over to the players ship.


You will be required to deliver three different types of missiles to a given HQ, you will have a time limit. All the missiles that the given Corporation requires, both type and number, will be displayed before you accept the mission so you can gather them before accepting the mission. The missile requirement for any of the three will never be less than 10 or more than 20. All missiles are buyable except one.

Missiles that the Corporations will ask for:
  • Disruptor Missile (unbuyable),
  • Hornet Missile,
  • Silkworm Missile,
  • Typhoon Missile,
  • Firestorm Torpedo,
  • Mosquito Missile,
  • Wasp Missile,
  • Dragonfly Missile,
  • Firefly Missile,
  • Tempest Missile,
  • Thunderbolt Missile,
  • Aurora Missile,

Corporations will not ask for Terran/ATF, Kha'ak, or unbuyable missiles (except one).
  • Mission Successful: All missiles are delivered within the time limit,
  • Mission Failure: Time expires/Player dies (somehow),

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