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The rewards

All the Corporations will reward the player with a ship once the player has reached Ranks 4, 7, and 10 with that particular Corporation. The ship given for each of the mention rank levels will be different each time. Shortly after you reach an appropriate rank you will receive a comm message asking you to return to the given HQ. If the message doesn't contain that they have work for a future job then you're getting a ship. The ship will appear docked at the given Corporation HQ once you have docked personally. One reward ship will be given at each of the appropriate ranks, however there is a way to get the ships multiple times which will be explained in Section IV.

All images of the reward ships were taken in the given Corporations home sector upon being awarded to the player. No upgrades of any sort were given to any ship, with the exception of the Sirokos which received a Cargo Lifesupport System, Marines, and Boarding Pods. Also all the reward ships, well the ones that have guns on them, come with IRE's as standard, barring the Skiron which came with PAC's.

Atreus HQ

Rank 4 (Technology Broker): Enhanced Mako (M4),
Rank 7 (Shipbuilding Protector): Barracuda Prototype (M3),
Rank 10 (Knight of Atreus): Skate Prototype (M3+),

Duke's Haven (HQ)

Rank 4 (Buccaneers' Professional): Enhanced Pericles (M4),
Rank 7 (Priest's Guard): Advanced Perseus (M3),
Rank 10 (Honour Guard of Priest Duke): Medusa Prototype (M3+) ,

Jonferco HQ

Rank 4 (JSDD Professional): Enhanced Mercury (TS),
Rank 7 (JSDD Protector): Enhanced Elite (M4+),
Rank 10 (Hero of Jonferson): Heavy Centaur Prototype (Heavy M6/M6+),


Rank 4 (Mineral Specialist): Vulture Prototype (TS),
Rank 7 (Nividium Specialist): Kite Vanguard (M4+),
Rank 10 (Hero of Profit): Enhanced Kea (M3),


Rank 4 (Armaments Professional): Solano (M4+),
Rank 7 (OTAS Master Chief): Venti (M3),
Rank 10 (OTAS Legend): Skiron (M6),
Rank 10 (OTAS Legend): Bonus: Sirokos (M7M), becomes available for purchase from the OTAS shipyard,
  • Sidenote: Concerning the Sirokos, this ship didn't officially exist in a vanilla (unmodified) game until 2.0, despite having it's marine capacity increased in 1.4.

Plutarch HQ

Rank 4 (Mineral Specialist): Mercury Prototype (TS),
Rank 7 (Merchant Protector): Advanced Discoverer (M5),
Rank 10 (Industrial Legend): Heavy Centaur Prototype (Heavy M6/M6+),

Strong Arms HQ

Rank 4 (Warrior): Enhanced Jaguar (M5),
Rank 7 (Strong Arms' Protector): Advanced Mamba (M3),
Rank 10 (Honoured Strong Arms Legend): Enhanced Chimera (M3+),

TerraCorp HQ

Rank 4 (TerraCorp Professional): Advanced Express (TP),
Rank 7 (Security Master Chief): Nova Prototype (M3),
Rank 10 (TerraCorp Legend): Eclipse Prototype (M3+),

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