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Q: I'm trying to start work for the "-->Insert Name<--" Corporation and I am in the sector where the Corporation is suppost to reside but I am unable to find the HQ, why is that?
A: Nearly all Corporations are with Triplex scanner range of a given jumpgate with the exception of Jonferco HQ whose station is just slightly outside of Triplex range and Duke's Haven (HQ) whose station usually resides 50km or so from the gate but both are still in visible range of the player. If a given Corporation isn't present it's highly possible that the Corporation was destroyed by an unfriendly force, When it respawns the station (HQ) will most likely have moved to a different coordinate location (x, y, z) within the sector.

Q: How long does it take for a given HQ to respawn after it's been destroyed?
A: Usually an HQ will reappear within a game day or so. Respawns may be quicker if you avoid entering that particular sector during the timeframe it takes for the HQ to return to the realm of the living.

Q: What happens if an HQ is destroyed before/after being under contract?
A: If an HQ is destroyed prior to working for said Corporation then there is no issue. The representative will return upon the respawning of the HQ and you can begin work as soon as the First Mission is offered.

However, if an HQ is destroyed, regardless of who or why, while under contact then the representative will not return when the HQ respawns. The upcoming 2.6 patch may or may not fix this issue.

Q: I got Duke's Haven (HQ) friendly and began doing missions for them but upon completion of a mission I was dropped/fired by Duke's, how and why did this happen?
A: Unlike the other Corporations who are affiliated with one of the main races, Duke's Haven (HQ) is basically a Pirate Corporation and, as such, how the Pirates in the X-Universe perceive you reflects back on how the Duke views you, the player. The higher/better your reputation is with the Pirate factions, the more liked you will be with the Duke.

Q: How am I suppost to get/aquire "Unbuyable" (Disruptor) missiles needed for Missile Delivery missions when a given Corporation asks for them?
A: Disruptor Missiles are only found as dropped cargo by destroyed ships. They can be dropped by ships belonging to almost any given race, except Terran/ATF/Kha'ak ships for obvious reasons (i.e. they can't fire them), but they are most commonly dropped by destroyed Xenon/Yaki/Pirate ships. It is also possible to aquire them from claimed or captured ships (fighters/capitals, respectively) if you're lucky.

Q: How many missions do I have to undertake in order to reach each of the ranks where you get a ship awarded by a given Corporation?
A: Due in part to the randomness of percentage increases for each completed mission there is no set in stone number, barring missions undertaken at Rank 0 which the increases are set at 10%, 5% if playing game version 1.0. However, based upon experiences, there is a rough layout of how many missions will have to be completed. Keep in mind this is only an estimate and also runs on an assumption.

This is assuming that 0 missions are aborted/failed by the player.

Rank 4:
  • Minimum: 19-21,
  • Average: 26-30,
  • Maximum: 34-37,

Rank 7:
  • Minimum: 31-33,
  • Average: 41-52,
  • Maximum: 58-61,

Rank 10:
  • Minimum: 38-41,
  • Average: 57-68,
  • Maximum: 73-77,

The odds of a player getting the minimum or maximum number, short of a lot of reloading, and I mean a lot, are very slim. The average number is the most common but, again depending on the increase percentage, the number of missions that need to be successfully completed may be slightly above/below the numbers I have given.
Q: How much time has to pass between the offering of missions from a given Corporation?
A: The time between mission offers tends to vary between a few minutes to a few hours (gametime). The timeframe tends to be randomized between those two parameters, sometimes the time needed to pass will be relatively short and other times it will take a while. Usually it's best to do other things, whatever they may be, until the player is contacted for the next mission. Of course if you're one who can't wait, sitting in sector or in an adjoining sector of a given Corporation with SETA active is an option. Save beforehand just in case the next mission offered isn't to your liking.

Q: Is it possible to achieve 100% with each of the eight Corporations?
A: Yes, the player can achieve 100% with all the Corporations but you'll have to spend a fair amount of time doing Corporate missions in order to reach that goal (i.e. many game days). Of those who post in the forums, only a small handful have made mention of getting 100% with all eight Corporations. Should you reach 100% your PSD (Player Status Display) for the Corporate Ranks will look like this (see below).

100% with all eight Corporations

Q: Why does a given Corporation continue to offer missions even though I am at Rank 10 (100%) and is there any benefit in continuing?
A: As to why a given Corporation continues to offer mission is unknown to me. It could be just a way for players to earn credits or Corporate rep (should it drop). The only benefit to this, other than credits, is having even more Rank 10 ships awarded.

Q: How many Rank 4, 7, & 10 reward ships can one be awarded?
A: One, unless one follows the guidelines pertaining to multiple ship aquistion then that number can increase drastically,

Ranks 4 & 7:
  • Minimum: 10-12, if no missions are aborted/failed and all successful missions give a 25% rep increase.
  • Average: 18-20, if certain missions are aborted (i.e. Deliver Missiles) and not all missions give a 25% rep increase.
  • Maximum: Unknown, the maximum one can have depends on the player. By making sure one does not reach the next reward rank, it could be unlimited. However it has been speculated that failing too many missions (either in a row or overall) can result in a contract termination but no solid proof has arisen so only speculation can exist,

Rank 10:
  • Minimum: Unlimited,
  • Average: Unlimited,
  • Maximum: Unlimited,

The ship number for Rank 10 is unlimited (i.e. as many as the player wants) is because there is no further ranks to be gained by the player. As such you can have just 1 reward ship or have 100 ships awarded, the choice is up to the player on how many they want.

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