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Written by Deadbeat_Spinn, Last update May 31st, 2010,


Thanks to

The people of the X Universe forums, for providing all the additional information that I did not know.
EgoSoft, for making the game.
Carlo the Curious, for providing the ship reward list, the OBS (Opponent Balancing System) thread, and changes brought on by the 2.6 patch.
kurush, for providing a correction to Plutarch HQ.
dillpickle, for corrections, additional information, and for providing the Corporate Reset script.
EmperorJon, for corrections and confirmations.
vbruzual, for corrections and additional information.
jimlpearce, for invaluable information and assisting in the many tests.
pH7.0, for minimum missile delivery correction.
York Bro, for providing new information on transportation missions.
Snowship, for providing new information on transportation missions.
Spychotic, for information on capping Assassination targets and Cancelled Contracts.
Bill Huntington, for information on capping Assassination targets.
perkint, for finding out (the hard way) that the player can get fired for stealing ships belonging to a Corporation.
jorit, for an important reminder on the Convoy missions that should have been added ages ago.
Alex Vanderbilt, for creating the PDF version of the guide.
Myself, Deadbeat_Spinn_Spinn, for having the patience to write this.

Version history

Version 1.0: Completion of Guide Ver. 1.0.
Version 1.0.1: Additional info pertaining to Cargo Bay Shielding added in Section I.
Version 1.0.2.: Sidenote added to Plutarch HQ pertaining to the lack of M7 & larger class docking in Section I.
Version 1.0.3: First missions added to Section II & mention of Corp. rank/rep ladders in Section I.
Version 1.1: Further info added to all parts as well as minor changes/fixes.
Version 1.2: Rank/Rep gain/loss section added to Part IV.
Version 1.2.1: Addtional info added to all Sections as well as corrections.
Version 1.2.2: Plot Breaking added to Section IV & ToC has been expanded to mention what is in each section.
Version 1.3: Encyclopedia location added as well as links for the Rank ladders & the PDF Manual.
Version 1.3.1: Missile correction & additional rank/rep decreases added.
Version 1.3.2: Further info added into Corp. Breaking & additional rank/rep gains and losses added.
Version 1.4: New info into Multiple Ship Awarding, as well as additional info on rank/rep loss & transportation missions.
Version 1.4.5: First Mission Assassination info, OBS link, & Cancelled Contracts added to Section IV. Sirokos additional info added.
Version 1.5: Corp. HQ images & reward ship images added to Section I & Section III, respectively.
Version 1.6: FAQ added as Section V. Acknowledgements is Section VI. First Mission Convoys & stealing ships (under contract) added to Section IV..
Version 1.6.5: Further info on Follow Missions added to Section II, additional FAQ Q&A's added.
Version 1.7: Corporate Reset script added to Section IV. Minor tweak to Guide layout.
Version 1.7.1: Notation added into the prerequisite section for Duke's Haven (HQ) for the 2.6 game version changes.
Version 1.7.2: Downloadable PDF version of the guide has been added.
Version ?.?: ?.

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