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Details, written by Deadbeat_Spinn

A couple trivial details before the ball begins to start rolling,

  • While this is a X3:TC based list, any M1, TL, or M6 that also appeared in X3:R (predacessor to X3:TC) the given information on a given ship remains the same. In regards to the M6 (Hyperion Vanguard) in X3:R it's known as the Hyperion Prototype and is classed as an M7.
  • All ships that are M7 and larger that can carry fighters have a hangar entry of three slots (the only exceptions are the Griffon, Ozias, Carrier, and Hive Queen), meaning three ships can dock at one time.
  • Drones (Fight/Freight/etc) will use the hangar/launchers of all ships mentioned barring the Griffon, Ozias, Carrier, and Hive Queen.
  • Images of hangar/launch location/s on each ship will be provided below ship description/information.

  • Yellow outline/arrow displays hangar entry,
  • Red outline/arrow displays launch tubes.,

  • indicates ship is buyable in a vanilla game,
  • indicates ship is unbuyable but can be acquired in a vanilla game,
  • indicates ships is unacquirable in a vanilla game,
  • indicates ship is not in a vanilla game,

Legend Icon

Hangers and launchers key

The arrows indicate how fighters approach and depart a given ship if the player is/was personally flying the ship. All ships have have a legend icon displayed in their screenshots except for the Hyperion Vanguard, Griffon, and Ozias which use a modified icon symbol due to their unusual approach/departure vectors. It should be mentioned that fighters for both the Hoshi and Ryu, while having a straight line approach/departure vector, enter and exit on a 45 angle due to the hull design of the ship.

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