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Written by Deadbeat_Spinn, Last update Dec. 23th, 2010,

M6 Hangars and Launchers, written by Deadbeat_Spinn

Hyperion Vanguard

Hyperion Vanguard (Paranid)

  • Hangar entry: Two external docking ports are located on either side of the ship, just in front of the wings on the back part of the Hyperion.
  • Launch tubes: Two launchers are located where the docking ports are at on the ship. When undocking, the fighter simply drops down underneath the Hyperion.
  • Sidenote: The legend icon for the Hyperion Vanguard is slightly different than the others. The left set is how the fighter launches if in the cockpit, the right set is if viewing from the side of the ship when said fighter launches.

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