The basics FAQ

Q: I started the game and I dont know what to do
Terran Conflict (much like X3, X2 etc.) is an open-ended game which allows you to do what you like. At the start your options will be more limited (you cant exactly go into a enemy sector and kill them all), however you do have a few options, such as:
  • Trade - buy goods from stations and sell them at a higher price,
  • Missions - Look around at the local stations and start doing jobs,
  • Explore - Although in the starting ship you need to be careful of enemies,

Q: The basics of trading in TC
To sum up, trading is when you buy a good or goods at a lower price (often the station has lots of them in stock) then sell them to either a station that uses this ware as a resource (low stock means higher price) or a trading station (only sells at average price always).

Goods have 2 measurements, they are cargo type and cargo space. Cargo space is how many 'units' of space each good needs. So 2 lots of Argnu Beef (each needing 4 units) would take 8 units of cargo space on your ship.

There is also another measure of cargo items - cargo type. Cargo type comes in the following types:
  • U - Which means upgrade (think of as a software upgrade etc.),
  • S - Which means small (your ship needs support for S type cargo),
  • M - Which means medium (for ships with M support),
  • L - Which means large (for ships with L support),
  • XL - Which means extra large (for ships with XL support),
  • ST - Which means station (for ships with ST support),

If you ship has support for XL cargo, then it can take goods with XL, L, M, S or U.
ST cargo are stations, that only a few big ships can carry (such as TL class ships).

Q: About Missions in TC
In X3, X2 etc. to get a mission you would need to land, then look on the BBS for mission(s). However in Terran Conflict, the BBS system was removed. You now get missions directly from people via the communications screen. To see the communications screen un-dock from a station, select it then press C. You can see who is offering you a mission and what type by a symbol next to its name. The symbols mean the following:
  • A Light-bulb means Think / General question / Mission,
  • A Money sign means trade mission,
  • A Target means a fight mission,
  • 4 green blocks mean a build mission,
  • and finally the blue book means a plot mission,

Q: Are plot missions special?
Yes, plot missions are part of a story-line. Plot missions are not repeatable unlike other missions.

Q: How is the universe made up?
In Terran Coflict, X3, X2 etc. the universe is made up of sectors. Each sector is connected together by gates and normally contains ships, stations, etc. To travel to another sector, you will need to either use a jumpdrive (to a gate) or fly into a gate, once done you will be transported to another sector.

Q: Are there different races?
Yes, there are 5 basic races, 2 enemies, 2 pirates and many more.

The Argon, Boron, Split, Paranid and Teladi are the basic races, which you are bound to trade with. These 5 are normally very important to be friendly with.

The 2 enemy races are the Xenon and Khaak. The Xenon are descendants from a group of robots that left Earth to terraform other planets. The robots turned on everyone. The khaak however are organic lifeforms that suddenly turned on everyone.

The last 2 important races are the Pirates and the Yaki. Pirates have all mixed reputations, so some will attack and others will leave you alone. The Yaki are another set of Pirates, although more organized. They will normally leave you alone.