Other FAQ

Q: How do I increase my trading rank?
Either trade more yourself or have more of your own ships trading.
People who trade with your stations can also help your trading ranks.

Q: How do I increase my combat rank?
To increase your combat rank you need to make more kills. Captured ships do not count to your combat ranks.

Q: Can I be a friend of the Xenon or Khaak?
It is possible to do, however your race reputation is so low that its highly unlikely that you can ever be friends with either the Xenon or Khaak. Even if its possible, I think only newly spawned ships will have their reputation set accordingly.

Q: My game crashed back to the desktop, help!?!?
Has anything changed since the save? if so, re-add any mods or scripts and re-try.

if not, then hopefully you save alternately ie. save on slot 1, then 2, 1, etc.

Q: My game runs slow, I have 2Gb ram
I found that turning the texture detail from high to medium helped with 2Gb ram.

Q: My game gets very slow in battle.. why?
This is probably because of the amount of 'bullets' in the air.