Ships FAQ

Q: What are the classes of ships?
There are 15 classes of ships in Terran Conflict. 11 are combat based, whilst 4 are non-combat based.
Here is a run down of the various classes (in order of size, first being largest):

Combat based ships
  • M2 Ships
    Large Destroyer - normally very well armed.

  • M1 Ships
    Large Carrier, used to transport many ships such as M3, M4, M5 etc.

  • M7 Ships
    Frigate, around half the size of a M1/2.

  • M7M Ships
    Missile Frigate, similar size to a M7 but equipped for launching missiles.

  • M6 Ships
    Corvette, the first big ship featuring many turrets.

  • M8 Ships
    Bomber, normally bigger M3.

  • M3+ Ships
    Enhanced Heavy Fighter. Much like the M3 range but with higher stats.

  • M3 Ships
    Heavy Fighter. The larger standard fighter ship.

  • M4+ Ships
    Enhanced Medium Fighter. Again like the M4 range but better stats.

  • M4 Ships
    Medium Fighter. The medium size standard fighter.

  • M5 Ships
    Small Fighter. The smallest ships, although the fastest.

Non-combat based ships
  • TL Ships
    Station Carrier, used to place stations and carry some ships.

  • TM Ships
    Ship Carrier, used to carry a few ships.

  • TS Ships
    Trade ships. The backbone of the economy, often used for moving goods.

  • TP Ships
    Personal carrier. These ships have seating areas for passengers.

Q: What do shields do?
Each ship can install shields ranging from 1MJ upto 2GJ. 1GJ of shielding is equal to 1,000MJ. Each shield has a power usage, which means how much reactor energy it will use to recharge itself. A complete list of shield stats can be found here.

If your shields are down, then any damage you take will go directly to your hull. When the hull is gone (0%), the ship will explode. Shields will restore automatically whilst your hull will not.

Q: My ship hull is damaged, how do I repair?
You can repair the ship hull one of two ways:
  • Your repair laser,
  • Repair at shipyard,

Your repair laser is great for repairing smaller ships (such as M3+ or smaller) although it will repair all classes of ships. To use your repair laser, bring your ship to a halt (away from any stations). Then exit the ship and then face your ship in your spacesuit. Once facing your ship, press fire and a beam will come out. This is the repair laser which will restore you hull slowly. When you have ran out your repair laser, you can re-enter your ship then immediately exit. Your repair laser will be completely recharged. You can repeat the procedure until your hull is 100%.

The other option for repairing your ship is to dock at a shipyard. At the shipyard you can can repair anything from 1% to 100% instantly. This way is very quick but costs the most.

Q: When my shields went down, I heard item was damaged, where is it?
When you shields are down, there is a chance that each hit may damage something on your ship.
Once something is damaged, it is gone for good. It will also disappear from your cargo bay.

Q: The auto-pilot likes to crash into things, why?
Its not the auto-pilots fault, there is simply too many things in some sectors to hit into... from ships, asteroids, stations etc.
The autopilot doesnt do it on purpose... well, not that I know of :)