Stations FAQ

Q: What are the basic station types?
There are 5 basic station types, which include:
  • Shipyards - The place to buy ships, stations and to repair your ships,
  • Equipment Docks - Places to buy/sell shields, weapons and missiles,
  • Trade docks - Normally center of the sector, who buy and sell for an average price (always),
  • Factory - A station that takes resource(s) to build a product(s),
  • Mines - Always placed on a asteroid to extract either Ore or Silicon,

Q: I wanted to land at a station but got denied, why?
There are many different reasons why you can get denied, such as:
  • Your race reputation is too low,
  • The station is hostile to you - maybe you shot it?
  • All the landing bays are filled

You will need to work out why you where denied.

Q: How do I build my own stations?
You will need access to a TL class ship (either your own or hire one). Once you have access to a TL class ship, order it to dock at a shipyard. Once the TL is docked at the shipyard, then trade with the shipyard as normal. Once you have brought a station or stations, tell the TL to move to required sector and ask them to unload the station.

Once the station is unloaded, its yours to do with as you please.

Q: What's a complex?
A complex is when you connect 2 or more stations together.
The more stations you connect together the better your complex will be.

If you connect enough and the correct stations, you can make a self-sustaining complex which requires no resources. You normally start such a complex by finding at least 1 good asteroid of ore and another of silicon and placing a L size mine on each (in the same sector). If the asteroids are far apart, then after a mine has installed, a tow laser can be used to pull the stations closer together. After the two mining stations, then the next two stations to add would be a power plant and a crystal fab.

Below is a list of good asteroids which could be used to start your complex: