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Written by Kirlack,

Guide to CLS

Part 1 - Training your CLS Pilot

Equipping your CLS training ship.

Training a CLS pilot is relatively cheap and easy. You will need a small ship (TS/TP/M6/M3/M4/M5/M8 ). Personally I like Argon Discoverers and their variants, but any M5 is fine for training.

Your M5 will need:
  • Commodity Logistics Software 1
  • Commodity Logistics Software 2
  • Navigation Command Software
  • Fight Command Software 1
  • Fight Command Software 2
With your ship kitted out the first thing you need to do is hire a pilot. Go into the ship command menu and select Trade.

Go into the ship command menu and select Trade

Inside the trade menu you should find Start external commodity logistics:

Starting external commodity logistics #1

Which will open this menu:

Starting external commodity logistics #2

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