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Written by Kirlack,

Guide to CLS

Part 2 - Using your CLS Pilots

So, you've trained up a pilot or ten and you're wondering how to make use of them? Trained CLS pilots can be handy for all sorts of things, automating mobile mining, replenishing your war fleets supply of ammo and missiles, keeping your factories across the universe stocked up, even just resupplying your personal ship with jump fuel!

You'll need your trained pilot and most probably a TS/TP/TL class ship with the following equipment:
  • Commodity Logistics Software 1,
  • Commodity Logistics Software 2,
  • Navigation Command Software,
  • Fight Command Software 1,
  • Fight Command Software 2,
  • Jumpdrive,
  • Transporter Device,
  • Pilot of at least Cargo Messenger level,
So, with that set up, what do you want to use it for? Well, for this guide I'm setting up a refuel loop for one of my TLs.

Back in your CLS menu go to waypoints and select Delete All Waypoints:

Delete All Waypoints

Your pilot will have bought all his previous waypoints with him, so clear the lot ready to start over. It can be a pain, but once they're set up they'll go forever.

Your first waypoint should always be for the CLS to refuel his own jump energy. Pick a station, just like you did for his training and select Refuel Jump Energy.

Refuel Jump Energy

Ok. Now you're going to tell your pilot to pick up energy from your factory and give it to your TL. Add another station waypoint and select your factory again. This time you're Loading him up.

Loading him up

So your pilot knows what to collect, but how much of it?

How much, sir?

Manual input is a single set amount, I don't use that. Maximum cargo space will fill the CLS ship, I don't really use that either. Manual input up to I find the most reliable way to set up CLS. You give a figure:

2000 please..

And your pilot will attempt to collect up to that many units. If your factory only has 500 cells when he gets there, he'll collect those 500 and be on his way.
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