The M7M class

The M7M class can be a very confusing class of ship at the start, with its high price and low amount of weapons.
However in this short guide I will try and explain abit more about the M7M class.

About M7M's

M7M are M7's that launch 3 types of missiles instead of normal guns. M7M have similar stats to M7 otherwise, with normally more cargo-bay and slower turn speeds. The two main types of missiles are Flail Barrage Missile and the Hammer Heavy Torpedo. These two missiles cost around 20-50k each. You may think why bother with such a ship - after all its more expense (ship / ammo), well the advanatage of the M7M is that it can deliver a massive amount of damage within a few seconds.

An M7M launching a barrage of missiles

Take the Hammer Heavy Torpedo, ten of these can normally knock out a Xenon Q. I dont know many other ships that can kill such a ship within such few shots. However to counter such damage output, you need to pay for this damage. Think of the Hammer Heavy Torpedo being your heavy damage missile, and the Flail Barrage Missile for anti-fighter (or low damage).

There is a third type of missile, called the Boarding Pod, which allows you to launch your marines (M7M hold up-to 20) like a missile into an enemy ship. This saves the messing around of kicking your marines out of the air-lock and waiting for them to fly up-to the ship. You will still need to hold the shields down for the Boarding Pod, however this could be done with Hammer Heavy Torpedo's or Flail's.

Firing in a M7M

There are a few ways you can fire in a M7M:
  • Select your missile with m, then press l to launch the missile (like normal),
  • Launch a barrage (this lets loads of missile go) - done via command console, additional command slots,
  • Let it be done automatically via turret commands via command console,

The 3 different ways give you control on how you want to shot. The first way it probably best if you like having direct control of your missile battery. The second way is really meant to deliver a lot of damage, very quick - usually for destorying ships. The thrid way seems a bit hit / miss - sometimes it seems to fire, another it doesnt for me. Missile frigates do not need to face the enemy ship, as the missile will lock-on and chase its target.

Flail Barrage Missile

The flail missile is your anti-fighter missile. The missile breaks into many smaller missiles, that homes on your target. After the target is destroyed, they will seek out the next target automatically. So a single Flail Barrage Missile could take out a bunch of M5's in one missile. These missiles are not designed for heavier shielded ships such as M1/2 etc. However you could use them to hold down the shields, once the Hammer have done their job.

Hammer Heavy Torpedo

The Hammer Torpedo is your M7M heavy missile, capable of doing large amount of damage to a ship. These missile are slower than the flail missiles, however but pack much more damage. They are also single missile rather than the the flail's multiple missile. It is not a good idea to launch them on the first pass, because the enemy front funs will be shooting at you, which will in-turn hit your missiles (missiles can be shot out of space btw). So it is best to launch your missile when the ship is to the side of you or out-of-range.

Absorbing the price of missiles

The best way generate these missiles are with a self-supporting complex, that can make things for free after the inital buying of stations. This way you can put a large amount of Flail Barrage Missile / Hammer Heavy Torpedo missile factories with out having buy the missiles, nor wait for a store of missiles to build up. 3 or 4 factories of each should be enough to supply your M7M with constant source of ammo (missiles). My complex is well over the top:

A large complex which makes missiles

Yes M7M is a very costly way of doing things, from the intial ship cost to the missiles, however once you have the ship and a constant supply of ammo you should be able to take capital ships out fairly easy. M7M are great at getting your marines onto another ship once the shields are down (no more turning around and around whilst the auto-pilot fly's away from the ship you are trying to board).