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In this guide I will explain about the different missiles and what they do in X3TC.
There are so many missiles in X3TC, so your bound to be confused by them at the start.

Tracking types
Dumbfire: The missile does not track targets and will travel in a straight line from a ship,
Yes: Standard missile tracking: does not lock onto new targets,
Heat: Automatically locks onto a ship, does not re-target,
Prox: Explodes when in proximity of target,
Automatic: Finds its own target (missiles, mines, ships etc.) and re-targets,

Name Speed Lifetime Range Damage Radius Warhead Tracking
Aurora Aurora 589 m/s32 secs 19km 8k200m SingleDumbfire
Banshee Banshee 153 m/s97 secs 15km 74k100m SingleYes
Beluga Beluga 212 m/s425 secs 91km 100k40m SingleYes
Boarding pod Boarding pod 480 m/s160 secs 77km 1k0m 5 MarinesYes
Cyclone Cyclone 149 m/s403 secs 61km 23k20m SingleYes/Prox
Disruptor Disruptor 515 m/s78 secs 41km 6k1m SingleYes
Dragonfly Dragonfly 250 m/s75 secs 19km 5k20m SingleYes/Prox
Fire-storm Fire-storm 165 m/s600 secs 99km 1000k1000m SingleYes
Firefly Firefly 576 m/s43 secs 25km 2k4m SingleDumbfire/Prox
Firelance Firelance 500 m/s100 secs 50km 5k150m SingleDumbfire/Prox
Flail Barrage Flail Barrage 486 m/s155 secs 75km 5k x 810m Swarm (8)Yes/Re
Ghoul Ghoul 450 m/s125 secs 57km 7k x 815m Swarm (8)Yes/Re
Hammerhead Hammerhead 172 m/s500 secs 86km 1250k1200m SingleYes
Hammer Heavy Hammer Heavy 253 m/s300 secs 76km 300k150 m SingleYes/Re
Hornet Hornet 186 m/s168 secs 32km 200k100 m SingleYes
Hurricane Hurricane 471 m/s64 secs 31km 6k200m SingleYes/Prox
Mosquito Mosquito 590 m/s25 secs 15km 1k0m SingleYes
Needle Needle 174 m/s153 secs 27km 8k200m SingleYes/Prox
Phantom Phantom 212 m/s250 secs 53km 650k100m SingleYes/Prox
Poltergeist Missile Poltergeist Missile 250 m/s50 secs 13km 2k5m SingleYes/Re
Rapier Rapier 657 m/s152 secs 100km 1k8m SingleYes
Remote Guided Warhead Remote Guided Warhead 143 m/s560 secs 81km 100k100 m SingleAuto
Shadow Shadow 245 m/s330 secs 81km 755k x 8162m Swarm (8)Yes/Re
Silkworm Silkworm 190 m/s150 secs 29km 19k20m SingleYes
Spectre Spectre 190 m/s130 secs 25km 260k20m SingleHeat/Prox
Sting Sting 257 m/s155 secs 40km 4k200m SingleYes/Prox
Tempest Tempest 195 m/s320 secs 63km 60k20m SingleAutomatic
Thorn Thorn 159 m/s112 secs 18km 15k400m SingleYes/Prox
Thunderbolt Thunderbolt 195 m/s400 secs 78km 75k20m SingleYes/Heat
Tomahawk Tomahawk 196 m/s220 secs 44km 625k75 m SingleYes
Tornado Tornado 312 m/s80 secs 25km 50k40 m Swarm (8)Dumbfire/Prox
Typhoon Typhoon 195 m/s384 secs 75km 30k20 m Swarm (8)Yes
Wasp Wasp 560 m/s32 secs 18km 1k2 m Swarm (8)Yes
Wildfire Wildfire 247 m/s135 secs 34km 15k20m SingleAutomatic
Windstalker Windstalker 179 m/s124 secs 23km 30k40m DumbfireYes
Wraith Wraith 170 m/s300 secs 51km 125k750 m Swarm (8)Heat/Prox

On the next pages I will explain each missile in detail.

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