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Aurora missile

Aurora missile The Aurora is dumbfire missile (ie. it does not track a target), so getting a hit can be hard work on especially small ships. To use the Aurora, you will need to launch this missile then trigger it with a second launch command. However you'll probably find something better for a little more. Its a cheap missile comparing its damage.

Speed 598 m/s Lifetime 32 secs
Damage 8,000 Radius 200m
Price 2k cr Range 19km
Warhead Single Tracking Dumbfire


Banshee Banshee missiles are slowish moving missiles that deliver good amount of damage, especially to the M3 and higher classes. However turrets will be able to shoot them out quickly, so try and hit the front of the ship if possible.

Speed 153 m/s Lifetime 97 secs
Damage 74,000 Radius 100m
Price 13.4k cr Range 14.5km
Warhead Single Tracking Yes

Beluga missile

Beluga missile Often used by Terran's, the Beluga is a average speed, high damage missile capable of doing lots of damage to fighters and larger ships. The Beluga has a long lifetime, making it possible to launch from long distances.

Speed 212 m/s Lifetime 425 secs
Damage 100,000 Radius 40m
Price 26.9k cr Range 90km
Warhead Single Tracking Yes

Boarding pod

Boarding pod Another missile for the M7 class. A Boarding pod is not like a normal missile, because it houses 5 marines, for boarding a ship. You must bring the shields down however. Boarding-pods make it easier to send a group of marines (at 480m/s rather than in their space suits). Launch 4 for 20 marines.

Speed 480 m/s Lifetime 160 secs
Damage 5 Radius 0m
Price 80.1k cr Range 77km
Warhead Single Tracking Yes

Cyclone missile

Cyclone missile The Cyclone is a bit of mixed bag when it comes to missiles. Its damage seems to be within M3/4 areas, however its top speed lacks so its not great at chasing targets. The missile's long lifetime makes it more ideal for taking out M3/4 at long range especially if it can hit on the front of the ship.

Speed 149 m/s Lifetime 403 secs
Damage 23,000 Radius 20m
Price 20.2k cr Range 60km
Warhead Single Tracking Yes

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