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Disruptor missile

Disruptor missile Created by the Yaki, the Disruptor missile is a great for hunting down small ships such as M5's. This missile can not be brought, however it can be dropped when a NPC ship is killed.

Speed 515 m/s Lifetime 78 secs
Damage 6,000 Radius 1m
Price 3.4k cr Range 40km
Warhead Single Tracking Yes

Dragonfly missile

Dragonfly missile The Dragonfly missile is a great M4 destroyer, because of speed and damage. I would not recommend for M5's because they could easily out run the missile. This is fairly standard type of missile, fire and forget.

Speed 250 m/s Lifetime 75 secs
Damage 5,000 Radius 20m
Price 1k cr Range 18.8km
Warhead Single Tracking Yes/Prox

Firefly missile

Firefly missile The Firefly missile is a very fast dumbfire missile that deals a small amount of damage. It is near impossible to land a hit on small targets, and on larger ships its damage is minimum. The only use I can think of is to arggo capital ships.

Speed 576 m/s Lifetime 43 secs
Damage 1,500 Radius 4m
Price 224 cr Range 24.7km
Warhead Single Tracking No, Dumbfire

Firelance missile

Firelance missile Yet another dumb-fire missile: as always this limits its usefulness massively, because the missile will not track a target. This missile has a high top-speed and a fairly good damage, although without tracking I'm not sure what you use it for.

Speed 500 m/s Lifetime 100 secs
Damage 4,500 Radius 150m
Price 2.7k cr Range 50km
Warhead Single Tracking No, Dumfire

Firestorm Torpedo

Firestorm Torpedo This Torpedo is a slow moving/turning Torpedo that delivers massive damage. Whilst its initial damage is very good agaisnt M7/M2/M1 it also does radius damage. This means if you launch one at a M7, it could take out all the supporting M6's as well. However being a Torpedo, often means you need to hit a position without missile defence (like the front).

Speed 165 m/s Lifetime 600 secs
Damage 1,000,000 Radius 1km
Price 80.1k cr Range 99km
Warhead Torpedo Tracking Yes

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