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Flail Barrage missile

Flail Barrage missile The Flail Barrage missile is another M7M missile aimed at smaller ships such as M5/4/3. The Flail missile has multiple warheads, allowing the missile to hit many times. This missile will find new targets after launching, allow you to take down large groups of M5's with just a few Flail Barrage missiles.

Speed 486 m/s Lifetime 155 secs
Damage 5,000 x8 Radius 200m
Price 33.7k cr Range 75m
Warhead Swarm (x8) Tracking Yes and re-targets

Ghoul missile

Ghoul missile The Ghoul missile is the Terran's version of the Flail Barrage missile, designed at taking out fighters (M5/M4/M3). The Ghoul features more damage (6.5 x 8, than 5k x 8), but a slower top speed and shorter life-time. Because of this its range is less (56km vs 75km) than the Flail Barrage missile.

Speed 450 m/s Lifetime 125 secs
Damage 6,500 x8 Radius 15m
Price 33.7k cr Range 56km
Warhead Swarm (x8) Tracking Yes and re-targets

Hammer Heavy Torpedo

Hammer Heavy Torpedo The Hammer Heavy Torpedo is the M7M's High damage missile for damaging large ships such as M1/2 etc. The missile will lock onto new targets if the target is destoried. It is sometimes useful to combine with Flail's missiles to spam an enemy's turrets.

Speed 253 m/s Lifetime 300 secs
Damage 300,000 Radius 150m
Price 43.2k cr Range 76km
Warhead Single Tracking Yes and re-targets

Hammerhead missile

Hammerhead The Hammerhead is the most powerful missile in the game, featuring an amazing 1.2GJ worth of damage! Even more than Firestorm Torpedo! The Hammerhead also has a slightly higher top speed and a higher damage radius (1.2km vs 1km). However the Hammerhead is not a Torpedo, making it much faster at cornering. With both of these missiles be careful of premature detonation, and can not be bought.

Speed 172 m/s Lifetime 500 secs
Damage 1,250,000 Radius 1.2m
Price 80.1k cr Range 86km
Warhead Single Tracking Yes

Hornet missile

Hornet missile Once the Hornet missile was the most powerful missile in the known X-Universe, however over time it's been superseded by new missiles. However this has not stopped the Paranid from updating the warhead to 200MJ of damage. This is a good missile against M6 ships. The Hornet also has a secondary use: breaking up rocks for mining.

Speed 186 m/s Lifetime 168 secs
Damage 200,000 Radius 100m
Price 10.1k cr Range 31km
Warhead Single Tracking Yes

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