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Rapier This is one of the fastest moving missiles, capable of out running all ships. This is a great missile against M5 ships due its top speed. A couple of these should make quick work of most M5's.

Speed 657 m/s Lifetime 152 secs
Damage 1,000 Radius 8m
Price 1.3k cr Range 100km
Warhead Single Tracking Yes

Remote Guided Warhead

Remote Guided Warhead Despite its name, the Remote Guided Warhead is not actually controlled by a person. Its actual meaning behind the name, is that the missile automatically finds targets without a lock. However the missile is very slow (142m/s) and its not counted by a high damage warhead. This missile has limited usage but maybe useful for Kha'ak cluster busting (nice rhyming eh?). You can not buy this missile however but must salvage it from destroyed NPC ships.

Speed 142 m/s Lifetime 560 secs
Damage 100,000 Radius 100m
Price 26.9k cr Range 79.5km
Warhead Single Tracking Automatic

Shadow missile

Shadow missile I think someone at Ego clicked the wrong button with this missile, has it does 755MJ of damage (which is a lot) however (this is where I think they clicked the wrong button) - its a swarm missile! So it breaks into 8 smaller missiles each doing 755MJ worth of damage, so that's 6GJ worth of damage. Seeing this is supposed to be the The Terran equivalent of the Hammer Heavy Torpedo (300MJ damage), I think it should'nt be a swarm missile.

Speed 245 m/s Lifetime 330 secs
Damage 755,000 x8 Radius 4m
Price 53.4k cr Range 73.5km
Warhead Swarm (x8) Tracking Yes/Prox

Silkworm missile

Silkworm missile This missile is a slow moving missile that deals a good amount of damage once its reached it's target. This missile usually needs to hit first time, as it will be shot out with missile defence due its lack of speed.

Speed 190 m/s Lifetime 150 secs
Damage 19,000 Radius 20m
Price 5k cr Range 28.8km
Warhead Single Tracking Yes

Spectre missile

Spectre missile This is the Terran's version of the Paranid's Hornet missile, with a few twists. Firstly the Spectre has a higher damage output and a slight speed increase. When the missile first came into production, there was a bug in the rocket motor which made it burn out too quickly. Terran engineers have now fixed the problem, meaning the Spectre's offers similar range of the Hornet.

Speed 190 m/s Lifetime 130 secs
Damage 260,000 Radius 20m
Price 7.9k cr Range 24.7km
Warhead Single Tracking Heat/Prox

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