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Sting The Sting is the Khaak's small missile, which is primarily designed to do some extra damage to M4 and M3's. It's powerful enough to take out any slow moving M5.

Speed 257 m/s Lifetime 155 secs
Damage 4,000 Radius 200m
Price 3.4k cr Range 39.8km
Warhead Single Tracking Yes/Prox


Tempest missile The Tempest looks like a normal missile, with damage/speed that matches its counterparts however it has one nice big bonus to it: it can lock onto new targets automatically. This can save money, if the targeted ship gets destroyed before the missile can reach its target.

Speed 195 m/s Lifetime 320 secs
Damage 60,000 Radius 20m
Price 13.4k cr Range 62.4km
Warhead Single Tracking Automatic


Thorn The Thorn is supposed to be the Khaak's high damage missile however with only double the damage of the Needle (15k worth of damage) it lacks. The Thorn is basically the bigger version of the Needle, without too much of a speed loss. This missile is hardly anything to worry about in corvettes and destroyers.

Speed 159 m/s Lifetime 112 secs
Damage 15,000 Radius 400m
Price 13.4k cr Range 17.8km
Warhead Single Tracking Yes/Prox

Thunderbolt missile

Thunderbolt missile The Thunderbolt is great missile with a fast top speed, high damage and normal tracking system. Its speed suggest its good for M3's however with the damage suggest more like M6.

Speed 195 m/s Lifetime 400 secs
Damage 75,000 Radius 20m
Price 8.4k cr Range 78km
Warhead Single Tracking Yes/Heat

Tomahawk missile

Tomahawk missile The Tomahawk missile is used on most M8 class ships. This missile does massive damage to M6 and higher classes, and is fairly hard to outrun (M6+). This missile can often lead to an instant kill. So it is wise to use missile defence against this missile especially M6 classes.

Speed 196 m/s Lifetime 220 secs
Damage 625,000 Radius 150m
Price 22.4k cr Range 43km
Warhead Single Tracking Yes

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