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Written by Spike,

Aldrin Plot Walkthrough, written by Spike


That mission is to use the UFJD to jump to a random Sector and scan the asteroids there. Get a combat ship with a Mineral Scanner and save.

Use your UFJD to get to a Sector with a few (up to 10) asteroids that you can easily find, because you can't use scan asteroid commands here. It'll have to be done manually. And you've only got one jump; if you end up in a terrible Sector, you'll be better off reloading rather than trying to complete what might well be an impossible mission. You'll get sectors with impossible numbers of enemies, sectors with impossible numbers of asteroids, sectors which are so dark it's impossible to see; dump them all. You're going to have to scan every asteroid in the sector so if you can't see them or fight your way to them it's not going to work.

Once all of the asteroids are scanned, your mission becomes a Nividium mining operation. You can now jump out of the Unknown Sector and return home.

Without the Nividium? Yes, since it doesn't say where you have to get your 100 Nividium from, just that it has to be delivered back to the base in Asteroid Belt. Your old haunt in Perpetual Sin (or wherever else you got your Nividium for the Hub plot from) will do just fine.

When you drop off the minerals at the base, you are told of a request to proceed to the Earth Torus for an ATF mission to Aldrin. This could be good, but it could also be bad...

This is a long mission. Make sure you don't have anything else planned for the immediate future.

The chap you need to talk to on the Torus is General Don Hammond. You've just become part of the project reactivating the Aldrin jumpgate into former Human occupied space... space that is now Xenon-occupied. His first mission is not too tricky though; you must courier a Data Storage Device to a contact on an Aldrin station. Head on over with your jumpdrive.

You'll notice that Aldrin looks a little different to how it used to; the factories have moved about and if you look closely you'll realise that there's now a couple of Trans-Orbital Accelerators dotted around. Get to the station, dock and chat to Lt Jake Griffin. He asks you to transport him to a station next door in Aldrin 2, linked to from the two East TOAs in Aldrin. From there, the jumpgate in Aldrin 2 will be reactivated. The station you are heading for is the Orbital Supply Base. Once you've dropped your charge off there, you must head for the inactive Gate in the sector. You'll need a decent light combat vessel.

The reason for this is that as soon as the Gate is activated, Xenon come swarming through. You've got help from some Terran capitals dealing with them, but said Terrans will be lobbing PSP fire around so watch yourself. A single PSP bolt can demolish a small Corvette.

Once all the Xenon are dead, it's time to push forward. You might want a capital ship for the next bit, but if you don't have one you can rely on the Terrans to do the heavy hitting.

When you jump through the gate and into Terran Unknown Sector 1, there's a hefty Xenon presence here that you need to wipe out. You won't get a large number of respawning Xenon; everything you have to kill is already in front of you, but it does (almost) all have to be killed. It's a big fight. Relish it. Or just kill one or two things and leave the rest to the Terrans.

When all the Xenon in TUS1 are no more, the Fleet's mission switches to reconnaissance. You must scan 8 asteroids before continuing.

On completion of the prospecting mission there will be a Terran science ship to escort to an Unknown Object in TUS1. It's a Katana; not a bad combat ship in itself, and the escort shouldn't be too tricky. When you and it arrive at the destination, a Gate appears.

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