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Written by Spike,

Operation Final Fury Plot Walkthrough, written by Spike

This guide contains spoilers!

As one of the original plotlines, only very early versions of the game have appreciable bugs. However, if you have mods, it is possible that they may introduce problems with the plot. As this is a Vanilla forum and a repository for information and issues regarding the unmodded game, if you have a problem with a modded game you are requested to post in the Scripts and Modding forum.

OFF begins in Omicron Lyrae with a ship named 'Exterminator'. When you have a fight rank of Veteran 33%, Argon Federation Member and Split Creature, a combat mission option appears with it. The pilot, a slightly odd fellow named Jesan Nadina who has an unhealthy obsession with Julian Brennan, recruits you onto OFF and is now your boss.


Jesan's first direction is to fly to Black Hole Sun.

Save before you get there because when you do, there's a Xenon invasion just beginning. You have to destroy all Xenon ships to continue. The big problem is that Black Hole Sun is prone to rampaging Qs, and if one happens to be in the sector when you arrive, you'll have to take it out too. Quite a task for someone just starting out on the plot. Recommend you reload in this case.

Once all Xenon are dead, you are to proceed to the Military Base in Argon Sector M148 for your next assignment. That sector was previously hostile; now that you're on the team, everything except the high security Military Outpost is blue again. When you dock, you get your next mission; a recon mission that you'll need an Advanced Satellite for. You need to go get one if you haven't already got one lying around.

If you took a break from the Terran plot to do this, you can now return to that.

To get to the Kha'ak sector once you have the satellite, you need to cycle through the Universe Map using the 'K' key. Be ready to key spam when you arrive.

As soon as you jump in, dump your satellite. Your mission changes to a station scan. Get over there pronto. Kha'ak Scouts and Interceptors will be all over you in no time; if you have a rear turret, man it and blow your pursuers to bits. When you get to the station you have to slow down to below 125m/s. The scan is fairly short; when it completes, jump out, it doesn't matter where.

Your destination is the Military Base in Argon Sector M148 for debriefing. Your next mission comes right away. Your new mate Jesan didn't make it back from his minelaying mission. RIP and all that but it's your job to recover his flight data recorder. Save, then off you go. Make sure you get the correct Kha'ak sector.

It's worth pointing out that there is a crate with two weapons in it somewhere in the sector and there is a chance that they are Phased Array Laser Cannons, or PALC. These weapons are highly thought of. You can keep reloading if you get the more boring EBC or HEPT until you find your PALC.

If you wish to find Phased Array Laser Cannon's, make a save before docking at M148. After this point the game has decided to spawn them or not. Reload from this point;
- Tip by Tanmoy

Finding Phased Array Laser Cannon's
When you jump into the Kha'ak sector, make a beeline for the box (or boxes, if you're collecting both the recorder and the guns). Man your rear turret again because you're going to have Kha'ak ships all over your tail, just like last time. When you're a couple of clicks away from the box, save. Picking up containers is hard, and you need to get it right because you won't have time to turn around and try again before the Kha'ak swarm you and wipe you out. As soon as the box (boxses) is (are) yours, jump out. It doesn't matter where. You can make your way back to M148 at your leisure.

When you get there, there are no new orders for you. Yet. It's a good idea to have a Corvette class ship ready for your next mission.

Resourcing Operations

Return to the M148 Military Base when commanded. Or whenever you feel like it.

Your next mission is to become a prospector. Fly north to the Unknown Sector. You'll need a Mineral Scanner. You have to find three high-yield asteroids. The 'roids you're looking for are around;
  • 26.8, 3.1, 48.94
  • -10.4, -3.18, 52.6
  • -55.3, -19.86, -30.0
When you've scanned them all, a TL will jump into the East gate and begin moving to deploy mines. You need to protect it. Kha'ak will soon arrive to make that job harder; you're not a Prospector any more. Now would be a good time to transfer to that Corvette.

Stay near the TL as it does its rounds. It will move to each asteroid, stop for about a minute, then deploy the mine and begin moving again. Just keep the Kha'ak off it; if it gets destroyed, another will jump in to replace it.

When the third mine is placed, the TL jumps out and it's Mission Complete. You wait for your next mission to come about at the Military Base. As always, you can break to do something else in the meantime if you wish. Obtaining a Bomber and armaments for it would be a sound strategy.

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