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Written by Spike,

Hub Plot Walkthrough, written by Spike

This guide contains spoilers!

Requirements for this plot
  • Boron rank 8 (King's Knight)
  • Trade rank 6 (Apprentice Trader)
As one of the original plotlines, only very early versions of the game have appreciable bugs. However, if you have mods, it is possible that they may introduce problems with the plot. As this is a Vanilla forum and a repository for information and issues regarding the unmodded game, if you have a problem with a modded game you are requested to post in the Scripts and Modding forum. The resource requirements for this plot are as follow;

Stage 1: Gate pair 1
  • 400 Computer Components
  • 500 Microchips

Stage 2: Realignment
  • 150,000 Teladianium
  • 450,000 Ore

Stage 3: Gate pair 2
  • 500 Nividium
  • 250,000 Crystals

Stage 4: Gate pair 3
  • 15 million Credits (Paranid Communications Facility)
  • 400,000 Silicon wafers
  • 75,000 Microchips

The Hub Plot begins when you fly into a Boron sector with the ranks of King's Knight (Boron rank 8 ) and Apprentice Trader (Trade rank 6). A Boron named Mahi Ma asks you to excuse him, but he needs help. Turn around, fly back to him, and start chatting.

Apparently, two of his friends went for a hike in Xenon territory. One would have thought that Darwin would have had his way with them by now but you agree to go look for them anyway. Head for Xenon Core 023. Yes, a core Xenon sector. That's what you're getting yourself into. Best ship for it is a Kestrel; the Xenon can't kill what they can't catch.

To get to your destination, you go north from Grand Exchange or south from Zyarth's Dominion into Xenon Sector 598. Skirt around the Xenon forces and head for the East gate. In the next sector, X627, skirt round the edge again, steering well clear of any hostiles, and through this Gate to Xenon Core 023.

... Except that it isn't Xenon Core 023, it's something else. You are inside a massive structure the size of a Sector with no less than six Gates embedded around the ecliptic. Only two function, however. There's also what looks like a control node on the roof above the centre of the sector. There's a derelict ship in the middle of the sector; moving in close to it is your objective as it causes download of the ship's log. Turns out, Mahi Ma's two 'friends' are none other than Julian Brennan and Bala Gi. They went looking for a Xenon sector and found this - the Hub - instead. Now, they've disappeared. Time to get back to Mahi Ma and tell him what happened. Get out the same way you got it; stay well clear of any Xenon ship using your speed.

Before moving on, pick up 400 Computer Components and 500 Microchips. Once acquired, return to the sector where Mahi Ma gave you the job and comm. him. He asks if you found his friends; you tell him their names and that they found something big. He asks to take a look, and bails out of his ship. You have to pick him up; at this point, you can also claim his ship, an Enhanced Dolphin, for yourself if you so choose.

Now you need to fly back to the Hub. There's two ways of doing this; using a jumpdrive or flying there as before. If you take the jumpdrive option (recommended, given the freight you're carrying) you'll need to find the sector in the Sector Map; it's one place west of Argon Sector M148.

When you jump in, Mahi Ma takes a deep breath and decides that the next step is to dock with the control node. He manages to interface with the docking protocols and the node switches to your control. It will stay this way from now on. You must dock so that Mahi Ma can get on board.

He finds that the structure is badly damaged, but still functioning. He also finds evidence that Bala Gi and Julian Brennan were here, but they've moved on. To find them, Mahi Ma must build an interface for the computers. His request has gone down in X-Universe legend as the very epitome of understatement;

can you please get me a couple of things?

This is the beginning of a long campaign of resource collection, complex building and logistics that will see you amass mind-boggling amounts of resources. In the immediate future, all Mahi Ma needs is the 400 Computer Components and 500 Microchips you were told to collect. However, as I said, this is just the first step of a very large mountain. Offload these wares into the Hub; you won't be able to offload all of them at once, you'll have to wait for one lot to be 'absorbed' before you can load the next lot in.

Mahi Ma will then try to connect the second set of jumpgates; but he fries the system doing it. Your next job is to repair the damaged capacitors. Three objects will appear near two Gates, you must fly over, eject from your ship, and repair all the objects to full hull. You should do this all at once, because Xenon ships have been known to attack the Hub once you've gained control of it.

To continue, you must then talk to Mahi Ma on the Hub.

You now need to pick a Sector with lots and lots of asteroids with good yields; this should be located somewhere safe, a place that you call your own sector and can defend well. This just became your home sector.

You can now connect the first set of Gates (which, confusingly, is Gate Set 2), but you only have one shot as the Hub's power generator is not working. You should connect the Hub to your home Sector; to do this, in the Hub's menu, select 'Gate realignment' and select one of the Gates that you want to be connected to. The Hub will disconnect that Gate from its opposite end in the next Sector, and place itself between the two Gates (for example, if you select the North gate of Argon Prime, then the Hub will connect one of the gates to that and the other to the South gate of Herron's Nebula. You then have to fly through the Hub to get from Argon Prime to Herron's Nebula).

When the realignment is completed, you have to get the next set of gates working. Mahi Ma needs more resources, and this time, the numbers are astronomical.

It is suggested that you begin complex building. The suggestions in this Walkthrough will stand you in good stead for future plots as well. I will only ask you to build complexes that you will find useful in later plots as well as this one; as such, you may want to build more factories than I suggest. The factory complexes that you should build are as follows (you might want to start on another plot in the meantime);

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