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Written by Spike,

New Home Plot Walkthrough, written by Spike

Going Fishing

You can break from the plot here if you like, and come back to it later.

Now, that gobbledegook message that you got has piqued your curiosity. Apparently. Frankly, I'd rather turn and run from massed malfunctioning Terraformers, but apparently the plot assumes more bravado than brains. Ho hum. Apparently, this CPU ship's designation is #cafe.

We're looking for a Boron scientist, Bola Hi, who is in Queen's Retribution. He's supposed to be on the shipyard, but when you get there, he's out on a research mission in the Aldrin system. So begins the long hunt.

When you get to Aldrin, you need to make your way right round the rock to the correct Aldrin station (whichever one has the book symbol; it's random). The Trans-Orbital Accelerators make things quicker. A Kestrel makes things even quicker still, but it helps if the thing has a jumpdrive and a couple of E-cells as you'll be going all around this blasted asteroid.

When you get to the Ship Production Base, the chief engineer has never even HEARD of the Boron. He directs you back to the Unknown Base right next to the TOA by which you entered the sector...

Evil or Very Mad

When you get here, dock, and you'll be able to talk to the USC professor Ketraar, who puts you in contact with the Boron scientist. After a short wait, you get another message telling you that they've decoded enough of the message to send you on your way again...

Several Light-years from the Arse End of Nowhere

Oh, wonderful. MORE UFJD jumps. At the rate I'm going, my Hyperion won't have any systems left by the time I find this thing we're looking for... Particularly since it takes several Jumps to find the right sector. Just keep going until you get there, you will get there eventually and you'll know it when you do.

You'll need a Cargo Lifesupport System before you continue.

You can break from the plot before starting this, as the next bit isn't initiated until you start using the UFJD. Just remember that if you do want to use the UFJD for something, you're going to initiate the plotline again...

This thing we're looking for being the #cafe's sister ship, the #efaa. #cafe is apparently struggling with the virus that turns Terraformers into Xenon. Hence the distress call. #efaa made contact with the Boron a long time ago and they've been hiding it ever since, despite the fact that its partner #deff blew Black Hole Sun to bits. #efaa might be able to help #cafe, and you've got to find it an ask it politely to do so. Hoping that it doesn't marmalise you in the process.

Keep UFJDing until you get a message telling you your jumpdrive just failed (deja-vu here... Rolling Eyes ... last guy who this happened to ended up... WAIT A MINUTE!!!!??? Surprised ). You're now in the right sector. Rather permanently, it seems. You cruise to some ship debris indicated by your HUD and from there, #efaa appears. Go up to her, and she decides that you're hostile. Your ship computer will briefly malfunction. After some convincing (the bottom of the two responses is the one you want), #efaa accepts that you mean no harm and demands control of your ship computer...

Ordinarily, I'm not that stupid. But, it doesn't seem that we've got much of a choice, do we? There's an 8 minute wait whilst #efaa accesses your ship computer and reconfigures your jumpdrive.

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