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Written by Spike,

Treasure Hunt Plot Walkthrough, written by Spike

This guide contains spoilers!

Several mods are known to cause some problems with this plotline. All mods not updated for 2.1 are suspect and even if they have there's still no guarantee that they're compatible. If you have a plotline problem with a modded game, you are requested to go to S&M and ask which mods might be the culprit, and then ask in that mod's forum thread for possible solutions.

This is a relatively short plot, requires very little funds and can be completed in an M6.

This plot activates when you've visited 92 Sectors and 10 minutes or more after installing the 2.1 patch. The next time you fly into an Argon or Boron sector, you get the starting message, telling you that an Argon military convoy has been attacked by Yaki, who boarded a Carrier and made off with it. This is notification that the plot is available to start; it does not begin until you take the initiative and follow the steps outlined;

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