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Written by Spike,

Treasure Hunt Plot Walkthrough, written by Spike

The Hunt Begins

The plot begins somewhere in Pirate space around Brennan's Triumph. A station that could be up to three Sectors away will have a book symbol; the contact on board you need to talk to is a Teladi treasure hunter.

The Teladi wants some very profitable information, but to stop you from running off with it, he wants you to pay 50,000Cr before you are told where to look for it. Where to look turns out to be a contact in Yaki space. You must head over and try to find them. Pick up an Advanced Satellite along the way, and you'll find a couple of Hornets useful too.

The contact is in sector Senator's Badlands, flying a ship named Trouble Seeker. When you fly over you find that she's less than talkative. Your mission objective changes to her Advanced Satellite. Blow it to pieces. Following that, you'll have to destroy her Lasertowers. Once completed, she gets the message. She'll give you the info you want once you've replaced her satellite. Drop it near the beacon.

Clue 1

She'll tell you that the Colossus did pass through the sector, along with some 'valuable cargo', but the owner hid it to avoid detection. You are told not to give the information to your employer. That isn't a stupid move; this is obviously worth more than 50,000Cr. There's a trail of clues leading to the ship's location, the first says;

From the end of the kingdom move one and five, there is a rock among many, that holds a surprise.
Jarren Gisler, 10/5/44

Welcome to the Treasure Hunt. You'll have many clues to solve like this, some are easy, some are hard. If you can't work out where you're supposed to go, then continue through the walkthrough.

It's fairly obvious that Kingdom End is being used as a reference point here. There's only one place that could be 'the end of the kingdom. Move one and five; that implies sectors. In this case, it means one sector east and five south, putting you in Ore Belt. Hence the rocks. As for what looks like a date - 10/5/44 - try them as co-ordinates instead. Use your autopilot's "Move to position" command to dump you at about the right location and see what you get.

Clue 2

Your scanners will automatically lock onto the correct asteroid when you get in range. Blow it to pieces with one of your Hornets. There will be a data storage device hidden inside which you collect for your next clue;

x = Minimum jumps needed from the Foundation Guild HQ to the space of the Queen,
y = x minus 1,
Iaron Seldon 25-1-50

Try and figure it out; it requires a bit of knowledge of X lore to figure this one.

The Foundation Guild HQ is in The Hole. The minimum number of jumps from there to Queen's Space is 4. Hence, the sector co-ordinate is 4,3; 4 being horizontal, 3 being vertical in standard navigation. What you might trip up on is that the numbering system begins at 0, not 1. So Kingdom End is sector 0,0. Hence, 4,3 is...

...Bala Gi's Joy. Fly there and to the co-ordinates marked and claim what just became rightfully yours.

Clue 3

Visit the home of the Xenon that is surrounded by profit. Make your way east, but beware the keepers; their numbers give them strength.
Tzessosis Rudilis Luuligos II

Give it a shot.

The Xenon sector surrounded by profit collectors would be Xenon Sector 347. Recommend that you take along at least 100 Mosquito missiles.

The device is a long way east of the centre of the Sector. Try and dodge Xenon capital ships, swat light fighters and run away from heavy fighters.

The Keepers are a group of fighter drones that will spawn when you arrive. Four Mosquitoes lobbed at each one should remove them from the sitation quite quickly. When they're all dusted, the data storage device will spawn. Picking it up loads up the fourth clue;

Clue 4

In the sector with the 4 suns there are 7 emissaries.
1 holds the key, the other 6 hold peril.

This one requires lore again.

The sector with 4 suns is Akeela's Beacon.

The 7 emissaries are 7 beacons, one of which has the next clue, the other six spawn enemies when approached. Finding the right one is trial and error. To find them at all will require use of a Kestrel equipped with a Triplex Scanner and sector mapping software; Navigation Command is necessary. Some of the beacons are a long way off the ecliptic, so you'll have to run scan patterns 25km above and below the ecliptic to find them all (it may be necessary to run further scans 50km off the ecliptic, some beacons have been up to 60km off the ecliptic plane). The beacon with the clue will jump you across to the Sector to where the data storage device actually is located.

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