Ramblings of an Argon Nephew (Page 1 of 35)

Written by TTD,

Ramblings of an Argon Nephew, written by TTD

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to a new beginning
  • Beginning Trading using software from Terracorp HQ,
  • Buying , repairing and selling 2nd Hand Ships,
  • Getting Ships ready for other pilots to work them,
  • STs,LTs and UTs,

2. Preparing the way forward.
  • Covering first Argon areas with traders,
  • getting first factory,

3-4. Finding free ships.
  • Setting down objectives,

5. Complex calculators and building complexes.

6. How to find used second hand ships/More details on complex building(with pics)

7. Trying to get a TL...
  • When is the game complete?
  • Setting up LTs (Local Traders)...
  • improving rep with Pirates,

8. Station Build Missions...
  • Trading in Secondary Goods....
  • A trick for fast exploration,

9. Lost 'Roid in Duke's Vision...tip for pics

10. Tips for TSs(links) and some banter.

11. M7M Missile Fab,and Monthly Progress Report.

12. Booze and Weed Complex.Another player's artistic creations.

13. The Hub Plot and "New-Tech" complexes.
  • A way to reduce the size of your complexes,without scripts,modding or even explosions (if you're quick enough).
  • And yes you CAN return to the sector or even never leave,if you so wish.

14. First "New-Tech" mega-plex built.

15. How to deploy delivery service to the Hub.3rd Weekly report.
  • Further expansions to his empire.
  • Norman achieves his first goal and has a little battle on the way back to base.

16-17. Stories merge.
  • Build missions to help prop up Norman's finances.

18. Norman's Corporations are formed.
  • Uses for EQ Docks,
  • Crystal phase complete,
  • Payments to Mahi's friend,
  • Plans for a big mega-plex,
  • Three-eyes gets a shock!

19-21. Work begins in Ore Belt on Norman's largest Mega-plex yet.
  • Day 28 report,
  • How to put mines in a neat line,
  • Connecting groups of mine in preparation for final links,
  • Plus , making credits out of race invasions,
  • Day 35 Report,
  • Final links to Mega-plex (200+ stations) in Ore Belt.

22-23. Norman's new friend.
  • Norman is missing,
  • Plus navigation tricks in Xenon territory,

24. Mystery solved.
  • TIP for securing E-cels for Capital ships,
  • TIP for securing IBL supplies,
  • A twist on Station Protect missions for the old Duke @ Duke's Haven,
  • A twist on Spoils of war,from EmperorJon,
  • How to always know what the best selling price is BEFORE you buy at best price,
  • The start of consolidation and universal trading domination.

25. How to supply silicon to a complex or station when there are silicon rocks in the sector.
  • Day 42 Report.Use of Scan Debris command.
  • Future plans and a brief look at s/m

26. Notes from instructions for Bonus Pack scripts.
  • Norman is hospitalized and plans for full recovery having a period of convalescence at Menalaus' Oasis.

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