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Written by TTD,

Ramblings of an Argon Nephew, written by TTD

Zo Oi be a openin' up the universe for me Universal Traders, and have at last been allowed to buy just a few factories vrom those strawbags, the Split.

Secondary goods trading

Oi have returned to Rhonkar's Might to examine what I can buy and what secondary goods thay be a wantin'.

Seems they wan' zom Rhimes in two ov thar factories 'ere, zo Oi know where Oi kin get those thar vactories. Argon do sel em. Oi'l just call up Master Xadrian and zee if he can tell me of the nearest station to get em vrom.

Well Oi zee! Back to Light of Heart for a large Rimes Factory then.

Here's me shoppin' list...

  • 2x Cahoona Bakery L,
  • 2x Cattle Ranch L,
  • 2x Crystal Fab L,
  • 1x Rimes Fact L,
  • 1xSilicon Mine L 64 yield,
  • 1x Solar Panel Plant L,
  • 1x Solar Panel Plant M,
  • 1x Wheat Farm L,

Total cost with CCKs (complex construction kits) 41,298,152 cr

Oi only have just under 19 Mill cr for now so Oi can't build all at once. May ave to get some factory traders runnin' for a while, loik Oi did with the the first complex.

At this point I have chosen just one item wanted. I could make a complete list and make a bigger complex. But funds are limited, as you can see,so I'm just going to supply Rimes for now. Doing a few build missions I have been able to build the complex as above but short of one crystal Fab and the SPP L. To assist, I have put in station traders to sell the rimes and buy e-cells. I initially put enough e-cells in to produce 15 Rimes. Set credits to zero. First sale netted 4,725 cr. This has enabled the second trader to collect some more e-cells. The station is set to not trading with other races. Purely as an experiment to see how it will work.

Some time later and I have had to add more e-cells. Have the 2nd crystal fab and saving for the SPP.

I am now Teladi Company Trader, which allows me to buy a few of their stations. Likewise with Split at Comrade.

Upon looking up my property menu ,I can see that my first complex has over 13 million credits now. I transfer this to my account and buy the remaining SPP. The Rimes complex is starting to make credits now so I stop buying e-cells and now have two station traders selling Rimes for best price within a 7 sector radius.

SPP L installed.

Checking with Master Xadrian Oi explain O am only zellin' ta roims at best price available. An E assures me that even if Oi was to sell 'em at one below average, Oi'l get me costs back in about eight days. Well Oi've been doin this for only nine days so far,since Oi started out,zo Oi think it's ok. Been keppin an eye on those Teladi pilots ov moin.They have foinally gotten round to exploring and not just puttin' sat up where Oi've bin. Mebbe they not so bad,...well zome ov em.

Well It's taken most of today to do all that and my new complex has already earned it's first million credits since I zero'd it. Just two station trading vessels selling Cloth Rimes. And no npc trading.

It was a challenge set by a reader, and I have enjoyed doing it.

For now I will open up the universe a bit more before any more complexes are put in place.

Oi zed Oi be openin' up zom more sectors. Still in me Orca,'opin' ta voind zom more build missions along za way.

Went vrom Trinity Sanctum down south and west to Rhy's Crusade. Gettin there was no problem. Then back one sector to head south.

Got half way to the south gate and a red blip on my sreen. Oi'd zeen blips before.Kha'ak Clusters, Pirates and zome ships be a owned by zum Duke.

This was "diverent" tho.This blip looked more like one of those thar rolly-polly toys yer giv' ya kids. But this was no Rolly-polly.THIS was a Kha'ak Corvette Exclamation

Well 'ee waz busy wid zum traders and not bothered with me...vamus las' words! Still zum way to git to the gate an' 'ee turns on me.Now me bein a peaceful chap, unless zum-one gits in me way, Oi only have a single HEPT onboard an' no missiles. Me three Novas are back in Ore belt an' Oi only 'av a couple of ragtags onboard. So Oi go full throttle an' set SETA on at max.

Oi got through the gate on 0% shields an' 80% Hull Integrty.Waz Oi glad I found a Split Shipyard the other zoid! Check damage repair costs. Over 4.4 million.Oi moight just undock an do it meself.

At those prices, Oi culd make zum credits if Oi were allowed to zet up a repair ship business!

Bin thinkin' Oi need to repair me ship,zo Oi will move away vrom the dock and voind somewhere zafe, loik.

Repairing myself

Well it took me awoil to git done,but to a great savin'. 'av expplored all those Split Sectors now. 'ave done another build mission for the split and am now a distinguished associate. Which means Oi kin buy that Elephant at last, if Oi want to.

Ready to move further south.

Oi'm informed the Queen has some interests down there.

Oi've done a few build missions for te Queen and now Oi'm awarded a knight hood in honour of her.

An' there Oi was, half the univers away from Argon Prime when I get a message sayn' the yaki has took a ship, an'could Oi 'elp 'em? Oi got other thin's on moi moind roight noo, so Oi shan't be helpin' yet. Where was Argon One? is all Oi zay. Let the millitary zort there own problems. Oi've got enough of moi own. Exclamation

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