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Written by TTD,

Ramblings of an Argon Nephew, written by TTD

I had one problem with my Sector Trader. He thought the same way as I did. We both had cargo and both could see different opportunities I went to get some e-cells and he went to get some ore. One of us had used the last available credit bar one. I think it was him, because I was surprised with I was told I had not enough credits.

I checked his cargo and he had over 500 e-cells and was heading off to buy some ore. Well I told him I was the boss and ordered him to sell his e-cells to enable me to buy some.

I am waiting to hear back from him....

He did as I requested and as a reward he is now promoted to CHIEF DISTRIBUTOR (grade 8 ). On his trade options menu, he can now do Universal Trading.Giving him enough e-cells to start, and setting the auto-jump options,he could have the freedom of the universe.However, I want to keep close watch on my traders until I can afford to lose the odd one or two through "pilot error". So I allow him to trade up to two sectors outside his start point.So he is upgraded from Sector Trader to Local Trader.

For my cunning in trading expertise, I have been recognized as a wholesaler.

Preparing the way forward

Well, me and my mate seem to have flooded Argon space with ore. Can't seem to get good selling prices in home sectors now. Time for a shift.I am going to trade in silicon.Good profits are to be made if you can buy and sell enough at a time.

I just need to get this Tanker ready for another pilot and then I'll be down to get me one of the ships I have acquired 2nd hand, ready for my next phase.This tanker is slowing me down a bit,but I just need enough for the final software from Terrracorp and some extra shields,and it is over to my second pilot to trade with it. The first I will relocate his trading sector to Herron's Nebula with a trding radius of 2 sectors. then put this one down in ore belt.

I have a Buster and a disco waiting for me and another Tanker when I am ready, but that will have to wait. I need this next phase in order first.

Have you guessed what that is yet?

Yes Oi be doin' fine now. Sent the second TS pilot to learn the trade and jumped into to disco. I have two Busters and another Merc Tanker waiting for me,but first I must get,...yes...satelites up and running in each of the Argon sectors. I need to know what goin' on,trade-wise in each sector, so I can plan a bit further ahead when I want to buy something for meself loik.

So if you guessed right, cue up at the trading station in Ore Belt.I might have a job for you. If you look no more rough than I you may even get my tanker that's waiting.

Well I have repaired the disco. Did max cargo, tuning an' steering in one go. Pinched the 2x 1 mj shields I had stored on my first Merc and went off an' bought another. Got me some software too and an Argon Licence. Never know when that might be useful.Sticking that in my passport too.

So I got to get around Argon space now and check a few things....

I want to have all the Argon Core sector mapped and a satellite installed in each sector. I went to The Hole, via Herron's Nebula. Couldn't see a thing. It was a regular pea souper as Terran visitors say. So I work back round to the EQD at Antigone's Memorial then went south, telling my on board navigation system I wanted to dock at the Trading Station in The Wall.

This worked a dream! All four gates charted, plus a few stations along the way.

Oh and as an added bonus, got myself my first TP class ship, an Argon Hermes. Well beaten up old wreck. They make reasonable TSs or small re-supply rafts if you are not going to do taxi runs in them. Paid just over 9,000 credits.

All sources of sats seem to be dried up atm, so I have to consider supplying the stations with resources, or building my own. Otherwise I will have to venture further out from this safe-haven and source at last one from somewhere else.

Over 3 mil cr for an advanced satellite factory ? Rant. Oh well I'll have to assist my pilots for a while then. I get some more software and decide to return to the Trading Station in Ore belt. There I transfer all this software over to the 2nd Tanker and take control of her.

Well I am almost ready to let this second tanker go to my next pilot.

Just bought a used Nova Raider for a few hundred k cr. Think I might just use that as my personal ship for a while. I feel more safe in something that can protect my skin.

So my fleet is building up.My traders are progressing well. My rep and trade ranks are steadily increasing.

Been trading in ore and side arms.

I now have:
  • 1x mercury,
  • 2x mercury Tanker,

all working independently unless I need them for specific tasks.

I have started to get my second Mercury ready, and have just acquired a Mercury Super Freighter.

The more ships you have working for you, then the quicker it is to upgrade the next ship.

In a short time I got the Mercury ready and is trading in Ore Belt. I will be sending 2nd Tanker to The Wall. With a range of TWO it will be able to venture outside Argon space into Atreus' Clouds.

Mercury One is centred at Power Circle ,so is able to venture to Kingdom End.

I am now getting the Super Freighter ready.When done,my previous ship will be put in Queen's Space. He will cover the remaining Boron sectors to the north of Argon core sectors. And also be able to venture into Ceo's Buckzoid (strict orders to scrutinize ANY Teladi paperwork offered to him).

Any ship in Ore Belt, on same setting will be able to venture to Emperor Mines.

So only the Split and Terrans will remain for some time. Of course there are the pirates etc, but they can wait. The main thing is to establish a trading base and expand outwards from there.

Me uncle expanded too quick. Built a vast empire, and then the Teladi realised their profits were going his way and not theirs, so they called in all outstanding loans,compounded the interest and the rest is history,as they say. So no trading contracts with those reptilian traders.Just pure opportunistic trading. I WILL teach them to mess with any Fudge, with fear!

Mercury SF just needs shield and expanded cargo space. Then she is ready.In the meantime I have acquired a Mercury Hauler and sent it to wait for me at the usual place: Ore Belt trading Station.

The four TSs I have running at the moment are doing well,but I did have a problem with one of them. He had bought too much Cahoona and had problems selling it all. Twice i told him to sell within a range of 5 sectors. Then his cargo was low enough to continue normal trading.

I now have four traders actively working for me. One in first stage if training at Ore belt. I am getting a Super freighter ready for the same. There are two more TSs ready for my attention, two TPs and a few fighters.

Owned ships

I have the Argon Core sectors covered and a few nearby sectors mapped onto my chart.

My universe map

I am recognized as a Broker, and listed as a Federation Guardian, all within 3 days of claiming my uncle's ships.

My pilot screen

As noted earlier,credits are coming in faster now. I need to expand and consolidate. I want that satellite production ,but having neighbours invites expansion, so let's see what turns up. So often while traversing the universe, you can plan to do something,and then something happens and you get diverted for a while. Well I'll settle for the pilot upgrading cargo space when he is ready,and let my SF free to trade in Ore Belt. Meanwhile my fourth trade is moved to Argon Prime ,once again with a radius of 2. Now to repair and upgrade my Mercury Hauler. This one is going to assist the Queen of the North ( Boron Sectors). NOTICE how I have not purchase a single new craft, and yet I now have five TSs bringing in the credits. By keeping a lookout for 2nd hand ships, both in and out of stations, you can build a large fleet for as little as 25% or less than buying everything new or undamaged. Aim for 50-70% damage and you may have a bargain. Sometime equipment is left on board, too.

I have achieved my first goal...That of covering Argon Core sectors with TSs. Time for expansion. Got my first factory.yep... Advanced Sat. Most of Argon Core sectors are covered with them. I have nine TSs working for me, with three of them supplying the factory. I can sell sats at maximum price,even to the Teladi. Yet I have not been to Teladi space,and they have upgraded my status with them.

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