What we really know about egosot's TNBT

Saturday 9th April, 2011 Comments 0 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
Looking around egosoft forum's you see a lot of people asking: What is the next big thng?.
Let me summarize what we know so far:

- Egosoft employees are restricted by a NDA to about releasing any real information,

- We are pretty sure that TNBT will be space game (although this isnt even confirmed),

- Egosoft said awhile ago there will be no more X-game, the super-box was to include the series. So it is unlikely to be a new X, like X4 (according to post awhile ago),

- We have no name to call it, apart from TNBT,

So not much really. We will know a lot more on the 28th April!

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