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Sunday 22nd July, 2012 Comments 2 comments
Posted by Seygantte, .
So as some of the eagle eyed among you may notice, there have been a few updates pushed through today. Most of these are wiki related now that it's starting to pick up traction.

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Firstly, there's been an addition to the /ships/ pages on the main site for both TC and AP. If you look to the right of the ship's title, you will now see some icons. One of these links to the wiki page pertaining to that particular ship, while the other two will link to corresponding images and video pages in the main site which will be for your content. The code for that should be done tomorrow though no promises are made.

Secondly the x3tc/ships/ section has been now been generated, meaning that now, like for x3ap, all ships have their own unique page which can be edited by all. Also on that note we've had ships begun to be filled in, so our thanks to zortan pioneering on that front.

Thirdly, there's a new edit function for the wiki. Previously the drop down menu allowed you to choose the status of the edit from either not ready, to ready for approval. A new option has been added named "Minor Edit". This will not change the "last updated by ____", as is it intended for things like grammar, spelling and code fixes as opposed to new content. Primarily this will affect the mods, as we do more of that than anyone else, but I hope those of you who do make small tweak take notice of it.

Finally, you will now see that you now have a link to your own profile in your user box to the right. If you, like me, have gone through the round a bout steps of getting to your own profile through the forums or comments, then this will be a welcome addition. Also, on your profile page you will now see the counter for approved wiki entries. Like other site actions, this counts towards your profile XP.

If you have any further suggestions for the site, leave them here to send them over to Roguey via email. Enjoy!


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