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Friday 8th February, 2013 Comments 0 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
During the past few days ive been busy working on integration with Steam, allowing you to link your Steam account with this site. This link allows you to sync your achievements from Steam X3TC and/or X3AP, and show others what you have from each game.

The first step is link your account with Steam. This can be done in Update profile, then click on Sign in through STEAM:

News picture 35

After clicking, you will be shown another screen explaining whats going to happen. Read the page, and when ready click on the steam logo at the bottom, this is where you be took to Steam to sign-in (check the address bar if unsure). Put in your details and you should be whisked back to my site. Dont worry, my site will not have any of your details just one id number which is vital for the link. My site will not, nor ever want your Steam account details. If a website other than Steam asks for your account details, do not enter them in!

Once the link is done, then you can sync your achievements with either my X3TC or X3AP lists:

I hope everything goes well and you enjoy showing off your achievements with others. I wonder if anyone has the X-Ranks? The new system also allows detailed information on each achievement, as well as the ability to comment on any of the achievements. I know some of you out there will have some great advice or tips to share.

This system is scalable and should be rolled out for X-Rebirth, if its on Steam. Its a shame the older x-games havent got achievements too (hint hint ego). I will also be adding information of your achievements to your profile's soon. If required, ill add page numbers to the achievers list too.

ps. Thanks to Steam for the API!


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