How to clone wares

In this short guide I will explain how you can exploit the game to create wares without having to install or modify your game in any way. I did not personally discover this exploit, but found a way of making much easier without the official Bonus Package. This method uses a freight drone.

What we need
  • Two ships (ship 1 be urs, ship 2 a TS you own),
  • A item to clone and a stack of IRE's preferably,
  • A Transporter Device (to beam things around),
  • A freight drone,

Not much eh?

Setting up for cloning

The whole progress works around a bug or glitch when transfering (beaming) of items from one ship to another. So in my small example I want to clone some Concussion Impulse Generators. This what I have before cloning:

Before clone

The next thing we need is a clone stack, this should be in high numbers and just after the item we wish to clone in the Cargobay beam list. A good choice of clone stack are IRE's because they will nearly always be at the bottom of the list. You may need to move wares to get your clone item and stack together, like so:

Showing a clone item and clone stack


You need to order the second ship to use its drone to collect your item to clone ie. Concussion Impulse Generator from ship number one. Now beam all your IRE's to ship two. Wait for the drone to pick up the clone item from ship one. After-which head back to the transfer page, then transfer all your IRE's back to ship one.... However do not press enter yet, but wait for the drone to return to ship two... like so:

Select to transfer Flails

Wait for your drone to land back on ship number two (you can use SETA if you wish). Once the drone has landed, now press enter. I now have 99 x Concussion Impulse Generator's - my ship's cargo bay became full (so 99 was my limit).

99 x Concussion Impulse Generators

This was done in my own vanilla game, without no extra scripts or mods and keeps your game unmodified too!

I am sad in one way, as this breaks the gameplay - clone any ware for free, in massive numbers.
In many way this ends the game for me, as this is a big cheat pure and simple and I like to earn my stuff.


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