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Rebirth Blogs (Page 1)

In this section you can see all the various blog posts by everyone for Rebirth.

XREBIRTH » X Rebirth - My view.

So I thought I would express my thoughts on XR... well, where to begin.

The first thing that becomes apparent is the lack 'X'. Granted it is based around Plutarch, and there are many references to the old X games but it just does not feel like an X game.
Secondly, I am so bored. I mean i'm playing this long anticipated game, my PC was built around the specs for X-R, and I'm bored. I've played 10 hours, not very far in, as I am writing this blog I am on part 17 of Roguey's plot guide. (Putting it like that to avoid spoilers). I have not got any excitement from the game. I remember getting a buzz when you flew through a swarm of Kha'ak or Xenon in the previous games, but I have not had that felling ... Read more

Posted by bozo64r on Monday 18th November, 2013   ·   Comment 7 comments   ·  

XREBIRTH » Come on ego, give us some news!

Is it me, or is there seem to be a big lack in news from egosoft about Rebirth? a few months ago we got some information and a short trailer. Maxxler gave us some more info by recording video footage of day 2 of Fedcon (which showed some alpha footage).

A month later we got some more information in the form of the X Universe news letter, however another month still nothing.

You would of thought by now there should of been some more news, pictures? Hopefully there be some more info on rebirth soon! Hopefully ego are planning to release bits of information rather than a hole load of stuff? ... Read more

Posted by Roguey on Thursday 30th June, 2011   ·   Comment 1 comments   ·  

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