Ren Otani

You start the game in the shoes of Ren Otani - a guy who is in the process of repairing the Albion Skunk. Ren was lucky and found the ship adrift recently after a large battle that happened years ago. Ren is not a mechanic, so he struggles to repair the Skunk. Before Ren found the Skunk - he was freelancer, going between jobs (not sticking to a particular one).

Both Ren's father (Olan Otani) and mother (Wenya Otani) passed away 12 years ago. Since then Rens been getting by on the money left to him from his father. Ren's father used to work for Plutarch Mining Corporation as an data analyst, however seeing how much it stressed him out, Ren decided not to follow in his fathers footsteps.

As far as I know, Ren does not have a partner. Ren is an Argon human male, aged 24.

Ren Otani

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